Chapter 2 hunting

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I will be adding my own characters stalker and blades if you want to see them I will add a story of what happened or look at my deviant art.


Jeff's POV:

I had just got back from killing I laughed maniacally before I walked into the slender mansion I went straight up to my room where BEN was laying on his bed playing on his computer. Let me explain this to you we all get partners for assignments and slender man thought if we shared rooms with our partners we'd become 'closer' and I admit me and BEN were close. "Hey how was killing?" BEN said his eyes never leaving his computer I rolled my eyes "it was great I killed tons of people tonight" I threw my hoodie down on the ground along with my shirt. I have been living here for awhile I remember when I first came here and when I first met BEN.


I was walking through the woods I had killed my 20 the person today It had been 3 days since I had gone insane and killed my family I stared down at smile who trotted beside me. I looked at the notes These woods were known as 'the slender woods' a guy called slenderman haunted these woods and killed everyone. I ignored the warnings and had gone straight in. Bad idea there I saw slender man. "So your slenderman?" I stared up at his expressionless face. He looked..... annoyed? Hard to tell with an expressionless face. After that I had become a pasta and I was close to all the creepypastas.

A year later when I was walking near the lake in the woods I saw a boy in green clothes with blonde hair drowning. I pulled my hoodie and shirt off and dove in grabbing the boy. There was black liquid coming from his eyes as if he was crying. I pulled him out and gave him CPR hoping this boy would live.

I felt a slap and stared at the boy with the green hat. "What the fuck?!" "Sorry...I'm BEN drowned. BEN is all capitals." I nodded "I'm jeff. Jeff the killer. I can see why you have drowned in your name can't swim huh?" He told me his whole story about water, death, loving majoras mask as human, being cyber ghost, and looking like link except with black liquid that was under his eyes. I explained my story to him as well about my not blinking, cut smile, pale skin, and long black hair. He had become close friends and I always teased him for being short. Whenever we killed he always came from computers saying "you shouldn't have done that" while I laugh maniacally and show my cut smile and knife and say the words "go to sleep" at first he was annoying but now we are best friends and partners abd I admit I have a crush on him.


Ok so this is it yay!!! Not long but whatever. So it was mostly jeff life yea. If you ever seen the photo that I have as my background on my profile page you look at the black liquid coming from bens eyes that's what it looks like ok? Ok! Vote and comment

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