Chapter 7

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My phone dinged and it was Nick.

Nick : hey bestfriend

Me : I don't wanna talk right now

Nick : what's wrong?

Me : I don't wanna talk about it.

Nick : come on.... please.

Me : leave me the fuck alone!

Nick : come over here please.

Me : nooooooo!

Nick : get your ass over here!!!!!!

Me : omfg okay.

I walked over to his house. I was way to torn to drive. I just knew something would happen if I drove. Nick greeted me from his porch. He was there alone.

" baby what's wrong?" He grabbed me and pulled me close. "Come on, let's go inside." We walked in his house and sat on the couch. "Wussup with you?"

" I saw my mom kill my dad ..... then herself."

"Tf? Why?"

I started to cry even harder. "He beat her and made her have sex with other men for money."

"Damn bestfriend I'm sorry."

He hugged me for a long time. I just cried on his shoulder. Crying it out really made me feel better. "I'll be here for you always and forever. I just want you to know that okay." I shook my head. I looked into those big beautiful eyes.

Next thing ya know, we were kissing. His lips felt so right on mine. They were soft and just ..... Perfect. I tried to stop my self when I thought about cash but I couldn't. His tongue slipped into my mouth and mine fought back. He carried me upstairs and gently laid me on his bed. The whole while, I was still crying.

He took off my pants and slid my panties down with his teeth. He took three fingers and played with my clit for about two minutes. He inserted the three fingers in me and twirled them around. "Aaaaaah!" I moaned. "You so tight and wet.." He licked the three fingers.

He kissed my lips and then stuck his head between my legs. He massaged my clit more with his tongue and then he ate me out. It felt like heaven. Gosh, I needed that. But fuck .... I have a boyfriend. "Nick stop."


He continued for about 5 minutes, then he put my panties and pants back on me. He came and cuddled up next to me. "What was that for?" I asked him. "I had to do something to get this shit off your mind. Plus, you were good af, so that helped." I chuckled a lil bit. He wrapped his arms around my body and I dozed off to sleep.

It was now 4 in the morning. FUCK! I hope Cash isn't mad. I ran home and unlocked the door. I saw Cash sleep and I kissed his forehead. I took a quick shower and got out. I tried to slide in the bed when cash turned over and looked me in my eyes. "Oh hey baby." I said to him. "Where tf you been lace?"

"By Nick's house."

"Tf you doing over there?"


" so you mean to tell me you coming home at almost 5 o clock in the morning from some other nigga house and y'all didn't do NOTHING?"

"No bae we didn't."

"LACEY ALISE SMITH! Don't lie to me gotdamnit!"

"Okay he ate me! But I don't have no feelings for him. He was just trying to make me feel better.




"My parents just DIED."

"Yeah, and I'm truly sorry about that. But YOU need to get the fuck out.

"Where am I gonna go Cash?"

"Go stay with Dick!"

"FUCK YOU! I will stay with NICK." I packed my shit and called Nick. I told him everything that happened and I asked if I can stay with him. He said he didn't mind. "I loved you girl. And you go do this shit .... wow. I thought you were different."

"You got something good. I was just in my feelings, but fuck you. We through- I'm gone. Have a nice life cash." Damn , a nigga moved out the same day she moved in. Packing was easy since I hadn't unpacked everything anyway.

I looked at cash and I could see the hurt all in his eyes. Damn I feel bad. I got in my car and drove to Nick's house. Which is only like a 5 minute drive. I'm glad Cash doesn't know that.

I pulled up in Nick's --- our , driveway. He came and gave me a big hug then he helped me unpack. " I'm sorry , it's my fault."

" not just yours."

" I wanna make it up to you though ma. Let's go to the mall. You can get anything you want."

"What? You got money? Hm. What kind of shit do you do?"

" I ... I'm a hitman."

" A WHAT!?"

" I know it's scary but I'll never hurt you. Trust me. A thug gotta do this shit to make a living. I can't be a deadbeat ass niggaa like my dad was ya know. So mall tomorrow?"

" yeah ..... Sure. So where's my room?"

" you know where my room is!"

" MY room ....... oooooooh"

I'm so slow. I went upstairs to take a shower. I forgot my bra so I wrapped a towel around myself and went to get one.

"Damn ma, when can I hit?"

" ha , stop playing."

He came up to me and I tried to run but he yanked it off and smiled. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

" haaa, boy move." I put on my clothes and got in the bed with him.

" Goodnight bestfriend." I told him.

" goodnight baby."

The next morning, I got up and brushed my teeth and wet my hair to make it all big and curly. I put on some acid washed jean pants with rips , black combat boots , black sports bra , and a white cover up shift thingy ( book cover outfit ). I took a picture and put it on Instagram.

Nick tried to match my swag. He had on a black and white nike shirt and some ripped jeans with his Gamma blue's. We took a picture together and he put that one on his Instagram. We got in Nick's car and drove to the mall. We held hands and walked in. We got stares from people that go to our school like Lacey and Nick go out now? Cash's free?

I went to forever 21 and got an outfit. Ralph Lauren, Nick and I got two matching outfits. Obsession, one outfit. Nike , one outfit. Footlocker, Nick and I got two matching pairs of shoes. He brought me to Kay jewelry store and got me a heart necklace. It was beautiful.

We held hands and continued to walk. We went to the food court to get some chick fil a. As we walked, someone bumped into Nick. It was Cash. And guess who he was walking with? The bitch who's ass I beat. "My bad man."


I couldn't even look at Cash.

" ooooh the bitch found her a boyfriend."

"You really wanna get your ass beat again?"

"Whatever bitch."

"Bye slut, scary ass."

They walked away. "So that's the girl you beat huh?

"Yeah that's her."

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