Chapter 30

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Chapter 30.

(Little Gavin--------->)

  It was late when I stepped into the hotel suite. The guards at the front door nodded at me as Mike opened the door for me. Stepping into the foyer, the room was dimly lit indicating that almost everyone was in bed already. I walked over to the bar and poured myself a Cognac on the rocks. The discoveries I made today was still running rampant in my mind. I shed my Armani suit jacket and took my drink out on the balcony.

I let the cool night air clear away the anger still burning away in my body. Taking another sip of the warming liquor I felt the presence of someone behind me. I didn't bother to turn around. I was not fair company right now, and I wanted to decompress and calm down before going to see my angel. He was probably asleep after Gavin tried his best to wear him out during the day.

 "Rough day?" Damien asked as he stepped up next to me. His hands shoved deep into the pocket of his jeans to keep them warm up here on the frigid patio.

 "To say the least, the cameras were barely up before I caught a whole shitload of information. I have security checking into some things then I am going to take care of this shit once and for all." I explained   while twirling the amber liquid in the heavy crystal glass.

 "Care to share more details?" Damien encouraged me to give up more information.

 "I am too wiped to go into all that tonight. Seeing it's the weekend I am having my lawyers and all of you meet and go through it all, and I am going to state my intentions of what I want done." I said as I turned to step back into the warmth of the sitting area. Damien followed me sliding the massive glass door shut behind us. I strolled over to one of the plush chairs and I took a seat leaning back and placing the empty glass on the side table. I so wanted to just call it a night and curl up with my baby, but I saw that Damien had something on his mind and when Damien has something on his mind he usually gets it off his chest. He was never one to let something simmer.

 He took a seat across from me and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. His turquoise eyes pinning me with all seriousness. "This is just my opinion, I know that this whole situation has brought out the primitive protective and possessive parts that is in our personalities, and I know you want to shield Corey from any kind of harm, it's the same for me in regards to Joseph and Gavin, but I think you need to be candid and up front with Corey. He needs reassurance and honesty from you. He is very much depressed and uncertain, when I came in today, it took all Gavin had to just get a smile on his face, and Elise is practically force feeding him." He informed me and I felt my heart shrivel in my chest. I have been so fucking busy; I am not taking care of my baby.

 I groaned and rubbed my hands over my face. Everything in me was telling me that he was right, but I just didn't want Corey involved any deeper into the ugliness of this crap, but in actuality he was deep into it already. I nodded my understanding and I got up from the chair. Damien followed me to my room and I quietly opened the door. On the bed, both Corey and Gavin were curled up sleeping the evening away. We walked over to the bed and I couldn't help but smile at the cute picture they made, they were cuddled tightly together like two cute little puppies. I looked at my baby and every time I see him, his beauty just blows me away. His jet black hair was covering his face and his pretty pink lips were slightly parted as he slumbered away.

 Damien reached down and gently nudged Gavin. He rolled over and Damien scooped him up bridal style and cuddled him to his chest. He winked at me and silently made his way out of the room with his precious cargo. I closed the door behind them and made my way back over to the bed. I sat beside Corey and I gently brushed his hair out of his face. My heart broke as I studied his gorgeous face. He had dark smudges marring the creamy skin under his eyes and he did look like he dropped a few pounds. Well this is going to end, I am going to devote my time to making sure he is cared for and cherished.

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