Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

(Cutie Corey---------->)

 Shaking Mr. Bordeaux's hand, I told him that I would be in touch with him within the next few days. I am hoping that this little enterprise would deflect Marcus and Corey from their current troubles. Marcus has been an absolute horror. I almost feel sorry for the several Media Companies that’s diligently hounding him. They have no idea of the hurricane that is called Marcus Roche, labeled a deadly category five. He is going to reign down total destruction on them, I almost feel sorry for them. That reporter woman that called Corey a sex slave will never get work in this industry ever again, her news station as well as herself has been slapped with so many law suits from Marcus' lawyers that they are going to be buried in the court system for generations to come.

 I sighed and made my way back into my home office, the picture that Gavin presented me with for my birthday had a very prominent place on the wall directly across from my desk. My baby was so beautiful, and Corey captured him forever in perfection. Mr. Bordeaux was so impressed he practically begged to see more. Unfortunately, I didn't have any more of Corey's work, and neither did Marcus. I found that kind of strange though.

 I am sure Corey with his extraordinary talent could be showcased in any gallery. I hope that contacting one of the most prestigious art galleries in the city would take Corey out of his funk. Poor kid, he is so shy, and now it seemed that the world is vying and hounding to catch him and harass him. I have never seen Marcus so livid, it's like he can freeze you with just one glare. The only time he is at ease and defrosts himself is in Corey's presence. Corey was his entire world, anyone could see it.

 I picked up my phone and dialed Gavin's cell phone. 

 "Hey, Daddy." His cheerful voice chirped through the line.

 "Hey baby, how are you?" I asked as I studied his portrait. Every time I looked at it my dick showed it's appreciation by getting hard. I wonder if I can get Corey to do another portrait of Joe as well, hmm...maybe one of them embraced in a scene. My cock twitched liking that idea as well.

 "I am with Corey, are you coming by or do you need me to come home?" He asked me sweetly.

 I smiled. "I will come there baby, I don't want you to have any hassles, the press is camped out here at our doorstep too. I am so happy you and Joe have been safe at the hotel."

 "Yaaayyy, good hurry up, I miss you." He cheered.

 I blew him a kiss over the phone and hung up. Marcus, Bethany, Micah, and I have been in numerous meetings after meetings with lawyers, bankers, and his building’s security team off and on for the last couple of days. Joe and Gavin has been staying in Marcus' suite and Micah and I have been back and forth between our homes and The Dungeon, which has been closed since all of this happened. The cops have been through the place and our paperwork under the supervision of all parties’ attorneys and our security team. Of course, those bastards have found nothing out of place, Shitheads. I checked the time and Joe should be getting off from work soon. I called to make sure that Daryl will have the car on the curb the minute Joe stepped out of the publishing office. 

 Getting up, after texting Joe, I grabbed my leather jacket, my wallet, and keys and headed for the door. I needed to see my boys and talk to Corey and Marcus. God knows what time Marcus was getting home this evening. He was overseeing the installation of the cameras and the sound equipment in several key offices in his building. His PR people have been working overtime churning out statements, but Marcus thus far has refused to make any kind public statement himself. His security team just plows through the reporters like they were nothing, getting him to and from his office.

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