Chapter Fifteen

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To my surprise there was a car outside waiting for us and he carefully sat me down in the passengers seat. He smoothed his hands gently over my hair and then leaned his forehead against mine.

'Next time Amelia. Next time you call me the moment you realize they are vampires,' it was not a question but a demand. I felt too faint to protest though so I nodded.

'Can we leave now? I really want to shower and curl up in bed... I want to forget,' my voice sounded tiny as I spoke and it was very hard to hide the hurt inside.

My father had just tried to sell me to a bunch of crazy vampires. All for some lousy deal which I was sure was off now... No matter that the man had been a stranger to me even though I'd lived with him for three years. I was still his flesh and blood and it hurt that he would do that.

Because he was my father and I wanted him to love me...

Nathaniel was right though; they didn't deserve it. Not one bit. Not my concern and not my love and not my attention. They certainly didn't deserve to have Hayden.

What would happen to my little brother now that I'd left? There was no way my father was going to allow me back in the house and I was pretty sure I didn't want that either. To be under the same roof with people that had betrayed me...

Nathaniel climbed into the driver seat and started driving, his eyes more on me then on the road but I wasn't scared we would crash. Not him. What I'd seen tonight, the sheer power... That presence...

I didn't know what he was anymore but I was sure he wasn't just an ordinary vampire. No way in hell was that possible. His name alone had struck so much fear inside Dmitri that he'd passed out, I was pretty sure that vampires didn't just pass out. Not easily at least.

We were almost home when I realized Dmitri was going to be executed. By who or what I didn't know but there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to happen if I didn't put a stop to it. I didn't want to be responsible for someones death.

'Nathaniel?' I asked and I hated how I sounded so weak. It wasn't going to help Dmitri's fate if I was... Nathaniel wouldn't believe me if I tried to convince him it wasn't as bad as it looked and he didn't deserve to die if I sounded like that.

'A ghrá mo chroí?' he asked softly but there was still the sense of a steel blade covered with silk. He was very angry, not at me but at the Johnsen family and my father.

'Is Dmitri really going to die?'

It was quiet a moment and then his features softened, 'I forget Ams. You are human and very innocent. Yes he is going to die, it is our law and if we do not uphold it... Vampires all over the territory will see it as a weakness and run rampant, indulging themselves in their sickest desires.

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