Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

(Big Mike...head of Marcus security...John Cena---->)


 As Daryl pulled out of the parking the garage onto the street I couldn't help but look back to the entrance of the building through the mass of bodyguards and I caught the heart broken expression flashing across Marcus' face before he schooled his features and stepped out with his wall of bodyguards, making his way towards his SUV. The surge of his security team swarming protectively around him didn't stop the cameras from flashing. My heart fluttered in my chest. "What the hell am I doing?" I thought to myself. "Daryl, turn around and go back." I desperately pleaded. He shot me a confused look in the mirror as he pulled up to the stop light.

 I groaned in exasperation and I just opened the door. I didn't know what the hell was going to happen, but I knew my man needed me, he was ready to put my feelings first and bare this scandal by himself. He was going to let me sit in the background and protect me even though he had voiced his need for me. I couldn't let him do that, Damn the consequences. My feet carried me as fast as they could. Big Mike, one of Marcus' security team spotted me as I tried to push my way through the crowd.

 He and another one of the beefy bodyguards started shoving people out of the way to make a clear path for me. Marcus turned with surprise written all over his face before he burst out into a breath taking grin. My heart melted at the sight of it as I crashed myself into his strong chest and hid my face there. His guards swarmed in, creating a physical barrier around us and shuffled us quickly into the big SUV. 

 The press had gone wild and broken over the police barriers and mobbed the vehicle. Even with the darkly tinted windows Marcus kept a protective arm over my head. We were sandwiched protectively in between walls of angry muscle on either side of us. His driver honked the horn and revved the engine, giving the reporters fair warning of his intent to begin moving the vehicle. Some backed off but the more tenacious ones were still snapping pictures away through the windows. The police now intervened and began clearing a line on the street for the SUV to move forward. I kept my head down until we cleared the crowd.

 "You know what this means right?" Marcus asked me and he used a gentle finger to raise my face to look me seriously in the eyes.

 I was still shaking all over from the adrenaline rush of my mad dash to get to him; I just nodded my head and buried my face back into his chest. There were too many ears in this one car. Marcus just ran his fingers soothingly through my hair as we made our way to God only knew where. It was mostly a silent but long ride. Marcus' driver wound through the busy city streets, while the guards conversed with each other and over the phone.

 Marcus was busy firing of messages on his phone and making and answering calls. After what seemed like forever, the luxury SUV slowly turned a corner and drove down a back alley. I didn't recognize where we were. We entered what looked like an underground parking garage and drove directly up to a loading dock entrance. Two of the four bodyguards exited the car and did a walkthrough of the area. They then disappeared into the entrance of the building. We waited for a minute then the doors opened and the other two beefy, burly guards opened the car doors for us. One grabbed Marcus' bags and ushered us inside the building. We walked through what looked a laundry and cleaning area to a set of service elevators. We were joined by his other staff and more security guards wearing uniforms. 

 I glanced around and felt like some kind of celebrity or something with all this security. Marcus wasn't playing. He made sure we were protected. The elevator doors swooshed open and I got nervous with the amount of people that crammed into the thing. No one batted or eye or seemed to pay us any attention when Marcus wrapped his big arms around my waist and drew me back against his chest. I could feel him brush his lips against my hair and I felt the heat of my blush staining my cheeks. This was our first show of PDA; I was scared and thrilled at the same time. My mind started turning over the fact that I am probably going to see myself all over the news and or the papers tomorrow. I don't think I will be able to go back to work and face everyone, but if unemployment meant being there for my man in his time of need then so be it. I can't live my life to please people unknown to me. If they wanted to judge who I love and who loves me then they needed to get a life. I just hope that this situation does not have any negative outcomes for Marcus.

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