A Long Wait Part 19

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25th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Jack's POV...

Sarah has been moved to a more private secure location in the hospital which took hours to plan, a complete team of doctors and upteen nurses to help and assist with the move which took well over an hour to eventually have her settled into her new room.

It was all done under the orders of The Judge who also oversaw everything with her lawyer husband at her side watching everything that was happening.

Of course it couldn't happen in the middle of the day with all the visitors for the other patients coming and going as they were.

It had to be done very early in the morning after planning it the night before and getting everything else ready, not just in this room but in the new one she would be settled into indefinitely.

It was a tense bit of time for all of us and especially dad.

I think everyone now knows how dad feels about Sarah and after the chat we had at home not too long ago, I could understand why.

Sarah was his 'soul mate' so to speak. It wasn't my mother as I thought all these years.

My mother was to put it bluntly, a girl who was looking for love, but in all the 'wrong places' I think that old song said. It was because of her father and how restrictive he was with her. But then, none of them knew the real story behind them anyway.

Not until recently when it became apparent when Mrs Beemer was actually my mothers mother.It was a sad story all round which resulted in me being born before my mother and her cousin, Sarah's mother, had been killed in a car accident.

I was the lucky one having dad for a father but Sarah unfortunately ended up with her father who became very abusive.

Anyway, it's been several weeks and there has been no change in Sarah's condition. If there hadn't of been any kind of brain activity that was noted, I guess they would have turned the life support off ages ago.

When the doctors brought the subject up to us all, dad immediately jumped up and down about it and no one was able to calm him down. Not even the judge.

So she slapped him on one side of his face then slapped him on the other.

" Thank you Margaret. If you hadn't of done that, I certainly would have." Gran said to her friend in an amused tone of voice once everything was quiet again in the room.

"No one is turning off her life support you idiot. So stop panicking." The Judge snapped at dad after she pushed him back down onto his chair, pointing her finger into his face.

I have to say that I think that was the first time I have ever seen some kind of fear on his face when being threatened like that. I was trying not to smile.

Then she swung her gaze to the doctors who had watched all this going on and she just stared at them.

They meekly turned around and walked out of the room, not saying another word about Sarah.

"Well! That was entertaining, I think." Jen said from my lap where she has been sitting for a little bit.

Jen and I have certainly gotten very comfortable with each other and she went as far as to tell her parents that I was the one that she was going to marry when we finish school and settle down.

I know she told them that because she dragged me down to their place and had to push me inside the back door so I could meet her family.

But all I saw was amusement on their faces when they saw how she was treating me.

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