Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

 (Joe in bondage---------->)

 I couldn't help but smile in indulgence as I watched Gavin go nuclear hyper from all the champagne he consumed over the course of the evening. Joe chuckled against my chest where he was firmly snuggled up against me. No more Champagne for my sweet boy. Even Marcus' permafrost had thawed considerably, especially when Gavin ran over to the sound system in the room and started to play some music. I turned my head and watched in fascination as Micah petted Bethany, she was currently perched on his lap.

With every glide of his hand, she all but purred. I hope that there was something developing there. Micah needed to let go of his past and allow himself to be happy again. I hope she is the one to do it. Damn, talk about keeping it in the family. We were not related by blood except, Beth and my cutie Joe, but we were a family none the less. Marcus had always drawn home that point to all of us. Hell we even had a three-way business partnership with the clubs and various investments between Marcus, myself, and Micah.

 My attention was drawn back to Gavin as he shot across the floor and snatched Corey off Marcus' lap. I thought about reining him in but I let him have his fun. He went to a lot of trouble to make my birthday special. I watched as my sexy boy dragged a laughing Corey into the middle of the room and began to grind sexily on him to The Weekend's "The Wicked Game."  Marcus shifted as they really got into it. Damn, it was sexy watching those two of the swaying and grinding on each other like two well trained strippers. I watched Gavin's lean muscles flexed and tantalized moving in response to his sensuous movements. The party was getting ready to start for real when Gavin slid his hands under Corey's shirt slowly rubbing his skin effectively raising it inch by inch revealing his creamy skin.

 My gaze swept over to Marcus to gauge his reaction to Corey's and Gavin's public display. He shifted and ran his tongue across his bottom lip. Yep, this was going to be interesting. Gavin suddenly spun around, back to chest with Corey and he whined his waist and bent over, grinding his ass into Corey's crotch; and I felt all the blood in my body pool into my hard on. Joe must have felt it because he wiggled his tempting ass over my bulging cock. "Fuck." I whispered as I tried to shift into a more comfortable position.

 Marcus was mirroring my movements. I gave it another few minutes before he reacted. That moment came when Corey's shirt hit the floor and Gavin licked up the middle of his chest and kissed his chin. I heard Marcus growl as he shot to his feet and made a beeline for the dancing duo. I smirked as he swept Corey off his feet. A surprised and tipsy Corey reacted by giggling and wrapping his arms and legs around Marcus' body. He strode past us and barely managed to mutter a goodnight. I just chuckled as the door slammed behind them.

 Gavin pouted at the loss of his dance buddy, but the determined little beast that he was spied Joe sitting on my lap and skipped over to us. He grabbed Joe by the wrists and pulled him to the center of the room where he originally started his show. I sat up straighter in my seat as I watched as my babies began to sway to Beyonce's "Dance for You." I vaguely heard Bethany say was her cue to go explore the club and ask Micah to escort her. The opening and closing of the door didn't even register with me as I watched my beautiful boys glide against one another.

 Damn, this was fucking hot. I let them continue as I popped the button on my pants and pulled my zipper open to give myself some room. They continued to sway and move. They both were visibly hard and Gavin rubbed against Joe like a cat. My mind was buzzing. Heat was spurting through my veins and I got an idea as I stared up at the ceiling, yes, this room was equipped. I pushed myself off the cushioned floor and made my way to the cabinets behind my new painting. I found what I was looking for and made my way over to my boys. They were more than happy to turn their attentions to me and I glided along with them letting their hands roam over my body. Damn they felt so sweet against me. My dick twitched as it filled some more.

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