Jackson, Lydia, Allison, Scott, Stiles, and I all run to the door on the other side of the room, bursting through it. We run down the hallway and into the chemistry room.

I hear heavy footsteps and see a blurry shape through the window on the door. When the alpha is gone Scott turns to Jackson.

"Jackson, how many people can fit in your car?"

"Six, if someone squeezes on someone's lap."

"Six?" Allison whispers. "I barely fit in the back."

"It doesn't matter," said Stiles. "There's no getting out without drawing attention."

"What about this?" Asks Scott walking to a door on the other side of the hallway. "This leads to the roof. We can go down the fire escape to the parking lot in, like, seconds."

"That's a deadbolt."

"The janitor has keys," I say hopefully.

"You mean his body has it," Stiles says giving me a look that says "you can do better."

After a moment of silence Scott opens his mouth. "I can get it. I can find him by sent, by blood."

"Well, gee," Stiles exaggerated. "That sounds like an incredibly terrible idea. What else you got?"

"I'm getting the key," Scott says walking away.

"Are you serious?" Allison says.

"Well its the best plan. Someone has to get the key if we want to get out of here."

"You can't go out there unarmed."

Scott looked around and grabbed a pointer for teaching. Everyone jut stared at him.

"Well it's better than nothing."

"There's gotta be something else," Stiles says.

"There is," says Lydia. She nods over to the chemistry cabinet.

"What are we gonna do?" Stiles asks. "Throw acid on him?"

"No, like a fire bomb."

Finally I had understood. Good thing I payed attention in Chemistry.

"In there is everything you need to make a self-igniting Molotov cocktail." I say.

"Self-igniting?" Stiles says.

"Molotov cocktail." Lydia finishes.

"We don't have a key for that." Stiles says.

Jackson gave a small sigh and elbowed the glass causing the glass to break. Then we got to work.

"Jackson," Lydia said, "hand me the sulfuric acid.

Jackson hands Lydia a bottle and she poor's it in the glass.

When were finished we hand Scott the Molotov cocktail.

"No. No, this is insane, you can't do this. You cannot go out there." Allison says.

"We can't just sit here waiting for Stiles' dad to check his messages," Scott says.

"You could die. Don't you get that? He's killed three people."

"And were next. Somebody has to do something."

"Scott just stop," Allison says, tears finally coming to her eyes. "Do you remember... Donyou remember when you told me you know whether or not I was lying. That I had a tell. So do you." Now she was full on crying. "You're a horrible liar. And you've been lying all night. Just... Just please... Don't go. Please don't leave us. Please.

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