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You were heading over to Dan and Phil's to hang out and watch some movies. Dan said he had some really good news for you so he had made you come over earlier.

You walked up to their door and knocked three times. Shortly after you knocked you heard a crash and the yelling.

"Dammit Phil! Calm down." You heard Dan yell.

"I'm just so excited!" Phil exclaimed.

"I know, shush, she's here!" Dan said, then the door swung open. You saw Dan standing there with a wide smile on his face and Phil standing slightly behind him grinning like a possum. (get over it I'm southern)

"Hey boys! Everything alright?" You joked as you peeked in side.

"Yup, just fine, here, come on in." Dan let you it, Phil was still grinning just about as wide as he could.

"What's going on?" You asked confused.

"Oh nothing." Dan smiled as he led you upstairs. You smelled something burning which concerned you. Had they caught something on fire?

You walked into the lounge and saw a had made banner that said "WELCOME Y/N!" On it as well as a tower of pancakes on a plate sitting on the counter.

"Whhhaaa?" You as asked confused, you turned to the boys who had huge smiles on their faces.

"Well Y/N I was wondering if you would uh *cough cough* like to maybe move in with me, well I guess us?" Dan asked as he looked into your eyes.

"OF COURSE!" You screamed and gave him what you like to call a 'surprise hug'.

"Yay!" Dan laughed, you heard another yay come from Phil behind you.

"Phil you're really alright with this?" You asked as you let go of Dan.

"Of course! I love you Y/N! I mean like a sister, who's dating by best friend, who's really like a brother to me...okay bad analogy but still!" Phil exclaimed and gave you a hug as well.

"Aww Phil, you guys are amazing! Thank you!" You pecked Dan on the lips.

"You're welcome! This is going to be great!" Dan said.

"Yeah suuurrrreee *cough cough* watch Netflix for 32 consecutive hours." You giggled.

"Oh! We made pancakes! But they uhhh...some of them got a little burnt." Phil said as he gestured to the huge stack of pancakes.

"Aw! Thanks!" You walked over the the pancakes and picked one up (screw manners) and took a huge bite of of it.

"Mmmmm." You closed your eyes and savored the deliciousness.

"I think she likes them." Dan whispered to Phil.

"Yeah." Phil whispered back.

You spent the rest of the day watching (your favorite TV show) and eating pancakes, yeah it was going to be fun living with danisnotonfire and amazingphil.

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