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the clock was ticking and the crowd stood in silence. their mouths open as pom pom dangled from their hands. we needed one more touchdown just one more to win the game. it was tied and the tension in the air was building the anxiety and excitement between the two sides. hayes bent low in position, sweat dripping from his forehead. his jersey sticking to his chest, exposing his muscular outline while he bit his tongue as he thought of a stragety. the staduim lights glistened in his blue eyes and beamed against his sweat drops.

was that last part suppose to give you a get imagine? because that sounded all types of weird...

"15, 21, 37!"

that was the code of greatness, success, victory. the ball flew in hayes's hands as he tucked it tightly in his chest and he was off like lightening. he dodged bullets and next thing i knew, the ball was out of his hands. the throw was shot to nash and...


the timer buzzed and the people cheered as they flooded the field, lifting the grier brothers on their shoulders. they smiled as they took in the praise and fist bumped each other as they surf the waves of excited fans. i stood up and brushed the dirt from my romper. as i smiled from another win, hayes caught my glance. his eyes looking into mine brought back those butterflies and it was like we were crushing all over again. i broke the eye contact and stared at meghan who was smiling to herself. "what's the smile for?" i asked with such a strange accent of a annoying child. she shrugged and flounced down the stairs. i sighed. i wasted 3 hours of my life to be jealous and experience not so old feelings. i blew a strand of hair the sat in my way as i pouted slightly to myself. i could of been watching orange is the new black for goodness sakes.

Meghan chattered with friends...basically everyone and i simply sat on the rail, dangling my feet in pure boredom and exhaustion. the place was practically deserted and i don't think i can take another dreadful conversation of "the hottest guys in school".

"hey, why are you still here?" a voice interrupted my thoughts. i looked up.


without Kassie...

i can here the voice of angels.

"oh, she's my ride." i laughed, pointing to the gasping blonde.

he laughed. "such a bad move." he mounted the rail by me, still in his uniform. "sorry for my sweaty smell."

"it's okay. it makes you smell like a man." i flexed my nonexistent muscles and laughed at my own humorous tone. he smiled and chuckled lightly as he stared at the ground. there was a silent moment for awhile but it wasn't uncomfortable. it felt just right. the star were smiling down on us, the stadium light were still beaming. it was the perfect friday night. i tucked loose hair behind my ears and bit down on my lips softly.

all of this didn't make sense...he acts like he hates me, dates my ex-bestfriend, but since here next to me like we did this every game.

his eyes buried me under anticipation on what was happening. those blue diamonds peering into me softly. i turned towards him and gave him a little smile. he did the same. our bodies seemed so close but we were so far away. sorry for the slight 5sos reference.

"listen, i'm sorry for being a jerk..."

i glanced at him but his eyes drifted to the sky. i didn't want to forgive him because he was right. hayes was being a total jerk and obnoxious pig. he got with kassie and that fact stabbed my heart. i decided to ignore his apology and rushed him with one question.

"you & kassie huh?"

eyes held this emotion that was unrecognizable, especially from hayes himself. it was hurt.

"i'm sorry maya." he bit his lip.

"don't be-" i jumped from the railing.

"i mean of course it was all me, i was the reason for everything. it's my fault for falling for you and mistaking that you were falling for me. it's my fault that taylor likes me and that a rumor went around that we were dating. it's my fault for you believing it and not hearing me out. no need to apologize because the only way to get me back was to date kassie. smart boy aren't you hayes."

"maya..." hayes jumped from the railing.

"no, thank you hayes for showing me what types of guys i don't need in my life. thank you so much. guys like you think you can be jerks and then come play nice when no one is around."

"maya." he cooed as he cuffed my face with his palm. water streamed down my cheek. his eyes heavy on me but i refused to meet his. a soft swipe grazed my skin, wiping the tear away. i grasped his wrist tightly, wanting him to let go.

I've never been so angry, so heated up before. why was i now? a boy somehow corrupted my feelings and emotions to the point i'm standing here crying. my heart is damaged from someone who is known to do that and i'm whimpering like a newborn puppy. I've become weak...

"don't hayes." i sighed.

he continued to caress my skin delicately until i stopped restraining myself from him. my eyes still planted to the ground as my head whirled from endless thoughts. "maya, look at me." his voice was slightly harsh but who could blame him. i was being a stubborn person but for the right reason. i peered at him. his eyes were watery and red as if he was fixing to cry. hayes grier...crying? this isn't something you witness everyday. it made my heart crack a little more.

he didn't let a tear drop instead he crashed his lips onto mine. my eyes widen from pure shock as a wave went through my body. his hands held my large frame as he pulled me closer. my heart raced but my body let go. the tension, the emotions, the thoughts disappeared from one simple kiss that held a lot. the quote "actions speaks louder than words" is true.

he deepened the kiss and a tear dropped to the concrete. my stomach rumbled with butterflies as i took in what was happening. as i finally processed it, he pulled away with a smile on his precious face.


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