Chapter Three ~ Sapphire

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Author's Note

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder, I won't be writing their Chinese names because I don't know how to write. 对不起。(Sorry.) ^_^

Anyway, enjoy!

Love, BluePearlEliza

Chio - Pretty

Waseh - A exclaimation

Steady - To go steady is to say that the girl and boy is offically in a relationship

Chapter Three ~ Sapphire

"Hi, I'm Lee Zhi Kai." The boy said, strucking his hand out for me to shake.

"Hi, I'm Sapphire-" I started to say before Emerald suddenly cut in "Hi! My name's Emerald Lioe Hui Wen. This is my twin sister, Sapphire Lioe Hui Min." She said, taking Zhi Kai's hand.

"Finally! I have been searching for you two. Quick, follow me or you would be late for class." Zhi Kai told us. He started running but stopped when he realised that we weren't following. "Didn't you hear me?"

"Right. Let's go." I said as I pulled Emerald towards Zhi Kai.

Along the way, Zhi Kai informed us that he was supposed to take care of us. "So if you need anything, just shout."

At class, a woman was standing infront of the class. Zhi Kai knocked on the door before entering.

"Why are you so late?" The woman asked, her hands on her hips.

"We got lost." I spoke up. I couldn't let Zhi Kai get scolded for something that I did.

The young woman softened. "You are our new arrivals, right? I'm Miss Lee. You and your sister would sit over there." She pointed to two tables near the back of the class. Emerald and I quickly went over.

"They are Sapphire and Emerald Lioe. Treat them nicely, okay?" Miss Lee told the class. A long, dragging "Yes." were heard. "Good. Let's.continue."

I put my pencil case on the table and felt someone tap the back of my chair. I turned and was greeted with the sight of a grinning Zhi Kai. "Hi."

I glanced to Miss Lee whose back was to the class. "Hi."

"You are very different from your sister." Zhi Kai whispered.

"I know. She's the exact opposite of me." I replied. It wasn't the first time people had said this to me. I had gotten used to it already.

"Tell you what, go recess with me and my friends. Bring your sis along, too." Zhi Kai suggested and my heart leaped. Recess with Zhi Kai? This is better than I had imagined.


Finally, recess arrived. I couldn't believe how tough the lessons were. The thought of having recess with Zhi Kai kept me going.

"Are you ready yet?" Zhi Kai asked, appearing suddenly at my table. At his side was a cute boy and a chio girl. I felt a bit angry. The chio girl was probably Zhi Kai's girlfriend. He was too cute to not have not have one. I forced a smile. "Ready."

"I'm ready, too!" Emerald answered cheerfully. I had told her about the recess plan earlier in class.

"Zhi Kai, you haven't introduce us yet." The girl told him. Waseh! Even her voice sounded like a wind chime. I thought to myself.

"Right!" Zhi Kai gestured to the girl and the boy. "This is Min Xin and her boyfriend, Guo Nan." Min Xin and Guo Nan waved and smiled.

Oh. Min Xin wasn't Zhi Kai's girlfriend. I mentally face palmed myself. Stupid!