Chapter Fourteen, Searching for Answers

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LiamSF7: Here's the prophecy in total:

For an age Sheyneh's peace shall reign strong and will keep,

The force of evil at bay

But what hides in the darkness will wake from its sleep

And spill to the light of day

And a son of Sheyneh shall be stolen away,

Taking many for his own,

And the wings of scarlet shall rise up once again

To claim his abandoned throne.

For the light shall lead those who are lost in the night

Back to their home in the day

The forces of dark and light shall clash once again.

And each will keep theirs and stay.

LiamSF7: So u c

LiamSF7: Reyortsed must be the "Son of Sheyneh" which means his rival is coming—or may even be here already. But what Perce was trying to keep us cool about that I figured out was happening is that we're alive during the prophecy.

BenJ09: So who's the rival if the time is right?

LiamSF7: Perce knows. It's obvious. Maybe Esla...whoa hey! Maybe it's PERCE! Maybe that's why our group is being targeted! Reyortsed must have figured it out!

BenJ09: No way. Perce? I dunno.

LiamSF7: Why else would Reyortsed pay so much attention to us?

BenJ09: I dunno but there's gotta be another explanation.

Another window opened on Bennie's screen with Sarah's screen name on it:

Taken360: Chica where r u? We're trying to plan one last summer shindig.

BenJ09: Sorry, important convo I'll be there in a few.


Bennie returned to Sean's window:

BenJ09: Sean I'll bbl. My friends are getting suspicious of how much time I'm spending over here.

LiamSF7: Gotcha. I am being called for anyway, by the pillow. Not slept for about 3 weeks now.

BenJ09: Get out! I can go only 4-5 days! Perce was bad enough with his two months!

LiamSF7: You get better at it; upshot of being a Guardian. :-P

LiamSF7: Yo!

Sean signed off and Bennie turned back to the chat, which had filled with miles of text.

BenJ09: Back, sorry. Important convo.

Taken360: It musta been *evil grin*

Jak0Bad: Who with?

BenJ09: A buddy of mine named Sean.

Natsdb0mb: ooohhhhh :-*

BenJ09: NO not like that—he likes someone else n e ways. And he's too old. But not creeper or anything!!!

Jak0Bad: So it's still the one and only Marcus for you? :-P

BenJ09: Be nice >:-P

Bennie signed off as quickly as possible and made a new screen name: Shadowchild7. Simple enough. Her night name plus her favorite number and voila! She and Sean could talk without further interruptions. Sadly he was offline.

I'll have to get Gemini a screen name so we can all talk without anyone popping in on us.

Bennie hadn't bargained on the fact "popping in" on her chats would be only a few clicks away for a computer hacker who was already watching her every move despite the security her mom installed on her computer the day she got it.

His real name was Christopher Quinten, but he was better known as ICU3000 by people who needed a spy. Bennie knew nothing about him, but many others did, and had she known them she'd know he was trouble, and if he was looking her up for someone, she could be sure she was in trouble.

Christopher typed into his own window:

ICU3000: I have your chick, Mr. R. She has a new screen name: Shadowchild7. Should I trace the computer?

Mr. R: No need to go that far yet. I just needed to be sure we had the right girl.

Christopher began to feel a bit drowsy and heard the next words instead of saw them on the computer screen:

I'll contact you if I need you again. Remember, erase any trace of our contact, even the backups you like to keep for personal security.

"Yeah..." Christopher muttered out loud before mechanically removing anything that might prove he'd been in contact with his newest client, and then falling asleep.

He'd better have the money coming...lame loser, can't even keep his girlfriend from blocking him and not giving out her new screen name...


Christopher jumped awake. Why he was asleep at his computer was beyond him.


He grabbed his vibrating phone from the charger on the floor. It was his mom. He quickly made ready his busy college student ruse and ignored the creepy feeling he had about not being able to remember the past several hours very well at all.

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