Chapter Fourteen, Searching for Answers

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Bennie talked to Sean online later that night. Neither could shake off what had happened to them, and Bennie was determined to get every last bit of information she could out of Sean and anyone else who could tell her anything. Their waterfall of words flowed down the screen:

BenJ09: Sheyneh was the powerful shape shifter who saved the Guardians right? Perce mentioned her to me before and she keeps coming up.

LiamSF7: Totally. No one's more important in Guardian History.

BenJ09: So what does she have to do with the present situation?

LiamSF7: SC, you know about Sheyneh's other power, right?

BenJ09: ??

LiamSF7: Sheyneh had some sort of power-persuasiveness or something. She could manipulate people into seeing her POV and or doing her will, very effective and dangerous. That's why she kicked @$$. She had the perfect mindset for it.

BenJ09: That is a pretty dangerous power, wrong person with that ability could ruin things for everyone.

LiamSF7: Seems to already be happening. I'm pretty sure that Reyortsed has that same sort of power but people don't talk about him much. Bad table conversation.

BenJ09: This whole Guardian business keeps getting better. Crap, Sean. Reyortsed can twist people with magic and no just shady rhetoric?

LiamSF7: I'm beginning to think so after tonight. Seems we just don't have enough bad politicians around.

BenJ09: Hah! So you think he uses magic like Shenyeh's? Any specific reason?

LiamSF7: You heard of the prophecy yet?

BenJ09: Just what Perce told me.

LiamSF7: J.A.S.

Sean spent his "just a second" in quiet typing for a while so Bennie switched over to talk with her friend Sarah. They opened a chat with Bennie and Sarah's other friends Natalie and Jacob:

Jak0Bad: Been working—not been on a lot since school got out

Taken360: It's Sarah, new sn. Welcome back.

Natsdb0mb: HIIIII!!!!

Jak0Bad: Hey Natalie!

Taken360: Bennie where r u tonight we usually can't get a type in edgewise when you start but you're quiet.

BenJ09: Talking to someone.

Natsdb0mb: who?

Bennie saw Sean's window flash and hastily typed "brb" to her friends before switching back over to his window:

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