Chapter 17

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Arielle couldn't breathe. Her chest heaved as she desperately tried to suck in air but to no avail. The more she tired the harder it became to breathe. Eva was gone. A Blood Donor. You were done for after that. No one heard or saw anything of you ever again. Arielle's heart clenched with horror at what Eva must be going through. It wasn't her fault but Eva was...delicate. Delicate in looks, heart, and strength. Who knows if she'll live through it.

Now despite movies, vampires weren't savages (only about 80 % of the time) nor did they hate humans (only about 90%). Human blood was the only thing to sustain their bodies or they'd shrivel up into a mummified corpse that could barely move. So the Blood Donors the Kingdom were well looked after. Feed twice a day, lots of fluids, and bathed once a week. An unhealthy human equaled unhealthy blood which equaled a very sick vampire. Despite that, Arielle also knew the flip side. Blood Donors were forced to sleep in the chairs they were strapped in and were cut off from any human contact. Certain kitchen staff delivers the food and feeds them but that's it. They literally never see daylight ever again.

Arielle needed to get to her fast. Maybe she could talk to the Queen about getting Eva out. Yeah! The Queen would help her for sure. But she first needed to see Eva. Wordlessly she gathered some food and left the kitchens. There was a broom closet across from it were extra clothes were kept. Arielle immediately spotted where the dresses were. She loathed them but she was the only human female who wore a shirt and pants instead of a dress. If Arielle wanted to sneak pass the guards she needed to blend in.

She shuffled around in the dark. Fumbling to grab a dress while pulling extra clothes off as well. Arielle cursed when she smack her head right into the metal clothes rack. She rubbed her forehead quickly before changing into the dress. It was large. Easily two times the size she needed. The neckline drooped awkwardly and the dress bellowed out, swallowing Arielle's form. Luckily the dress had a a tie around the waist. Arielle clumsily tied a huge knot before picking the food back up. Stumbling out of the closet, Arielle checked to make sure no one saw her before looking down at herself.

She looked definitely interesting. The dress was a dull yellow that ended a few inches below her knees. Because it was so big on her, one of her shoulders were slipping out of the sleeves. Not to mention the running shoes she was wearing just added to the strange scene she must have been. Arielle was sure there could be someone who could have pulled this off but not her. Probably one of those hipster Instagram models though.

'I hope the guards don't have any kind of fashion sense,' she thought gravely.

She walked until she found two Elite guards standing in front of what one would presume to be an ordinary, wooden door. Well you would be wrong! It was in fact the entrance that lead into the basements. Deep, deep underneath the castle were where the Blood Donors were kept. Arielle shuffled forward meekly, with her head bent so her auburn hair concealed her face. The guards did nothing but grunt at her. Good.

'Vampires must like cramped, dark places,' Arielle grumbled to herself as she stepped through the door.

The stairwell down to the basement was completely made out of stone. The only light given was torches lit every few yards. As she descended, Arielle could practically feel the stone walls brushing up against her arms and the top of her head scrapping the ceiling. It was extremely uncomfortable but she continued walking. And walking. And walking.

She walked for what it seemed like hours down those steps. They went on forever!. There's no end! But then, something faint hit her ears. Like the sound of machines churning. Something pumping. Arielle laughed and jumped around happily. She was almost o the bottom! Forgoing all decorum, she ran down the remainder of the steps. Skipping two or three at a time.

The smile slipped off her face as she reached the bottom. Her stomach churned and threatened to spill right there all over the stone floor. The basement of the castle was just a large opening filled with bodies upon bodies. There were all strapped to the chairs and a machine that pumped the blood out of them. The smell of them all burned her eyes. No matter what the vampires did for these humans they were still seen as cattle. The vampires did what was necessary to keep them alive and somewhat healthy. Nothing more.

Arielle flinched at every moan and plea a Donor gave. They knew Arielle wasn't really from the kitchens. No other kitchen staff was down here. She only had a limited amount of time before the guards caught on as well. Arielle scrambled to find Eva.

"Eva," she whispered but the sound echoed around loudly.

Arielle froze as she listened for Eva or prephaps a guard coming to get her.

"A-Arielle?" Echoed across the walls.

"Eva where are you?!"

"Here," she croaked. "I'm over here."

Arielle saw her. In the corner of the room, sitting in the shadows. Her once golden hair was now stringy and clumped, her face looked gaunt, and her lips were blue tinted. Arielle felt tears gather in the corner of her eyes at the sight of the girl.

"Oh Eva," she said as she gently stroked her cheeks.

Eva smiled slightly before frowning at her. "You shouldn't be here."

"I had to see you. I'll get you out of here."

Eva laughed humorlessly. "You know as well as I do there's no getting out of this."

Arielle spoke through mashed teeth. "It was Beckham wasn't it?"

"You were right Arielle. He's planning something. He's been sneaking around. He'll disappear for days and no one knows where he's been. He's putting distance between himself with the other vampires. He doesn't attend dinners or trails anymore. After what you told me, I couldn't help but wonder if something was going on. If he was going to hurt the Queen. So I started following him around."

"But you were the one who told me to keep my nose out of it," Arielle joked weakly.

Eva giggled before turning solemn again.
"I-I snuck into his room one evening. It was a mess. Maps all over the place. Pictures drawn of hideouts. Blueprints of the castle with secret entranceways circled. It was insane. But he caught me. Luckily he couldn't kill me because it's against the laws here but I'd rather he'd done so."

Arielle wiped away stray tears from her friend's face. She felt hot anger bloom in her chest. Rage. She'd kill him. Damn the consequences. This just proved he was working with the rouges. No one would understand at first but once Arielle explains what's been happening they'd see the truth. Arielle opened her mouth to reassure Eva when she was forcefully yanked up.

"Well well well," a female guard sneered. "Look what we have here."

"Let me go!" Arielle growled and struggled in her vice like grip.

The guard laughed but soon started choking when Arielle jabbed her fingers into the soft part of her throat. The vampire growled threateningly but Arielle continued her attack. They fought for a only a few minutes before Arielle had the vampire down on her knees. Arielle wanted to laugh at the vampire for underestimating her but refrained from doing so. Now was not the time.

"Now...I think we need to have a little--"

Arielle was cut off with a sharp blow to the back of her head. She'd forgotten there had been two guards at the door. 'Don't be arrogant!' Arielle could hear Selene hissing at her now. That was the last thing she thought of before everything faded into darkness.

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