Ponounciation Guide

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A/N: Hey everyone! I am so happy to see that you are reading my story. I know...I know, my names are extremely hard to pronounce. That's why there is a wonderful pronunciation guide here for you lovely people. Please continue to read my story if you haven't finished, and if you did finish I will be posting new chapters of book 2 soon! Yay! Thank you so much for reading!

Meathil: May-thil

Eglanor: Egg-la-nor

Deigil: Die-jill

Eredhelil: Air-ed-hee-lee

Belinil: Beh-li-nil

Rivornor: Riv-oar-nor

Hyril: High-rill

Othes: Oh-this

Pengeth: Pen-geh-th

Hastel: Hass-tell

Hatolel: Hat-oh-lehll

Lengeth: Lehn-geh-th

Bengil: Ben-jill

Syson: Sigh-son

Camaeneth: Kam-eh-neh-th

Saewon: Say-w-ah-n

Taneron: Tann-air-on

Quint: K-win-t

Gharil: Gay-rill

Kadexo: Kay-dexx-oh

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