Chapter 7: You're kidding right?

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Itachi stared at her, "What?" She frowned, "I can't believe your parents didn't tell you. I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you." Itachi blinked, completely and utterly confused at the situation at hand. 'Are they bloody insane? I can't get married to her.'

Itachi stood up from his chair, "I-I-I...  I uh..  Uh.. Just..." Itachi stammered as he tried to find the words to say but it came out so unbelievably wrong.

Completely embarrassed by the situation and frustrated at his parents, he stormed off and out of the restaurant, not thinking about where he was going.

He made twist and turns down streets and old alleyways, not daring to look back. 'Why am I always forced to do shit I don't want?'

Itachi cursed under his breath, his breathing hitched, and his heart thumping in his ears. Not knowing where else to go, he found himself in front of none other than Shisui's doorstep.

He breathed a sigh of relief when Shisui answered the door, "Hey, what's up?" Itachi gazed away, "I... I didn't know where else to go." Shisui nodded and welcomed him in.

"Tea?" Itachi nodded, before sitting down, "Yeah, thanks." 

A few moments later, Shisui returned with the tea and some cups, Shisui silently poured the tea into corresponding cups, letting Itachi take a few sips before he asked any questions.

"What's going on? Is it about Naruto?" Itachi gazed at an old picture that was hung up on the wall, it was Shisui and his little sister, Aika.

"No." Shisui nodded, "This is about Uchiha Izumi?" Itachi glanced at him, confused at first, "You  knew?" Shisui furrowed his eyebrows, "You didn't?"

Itachi sighed, "No, no one talked to me about it." Shisui set his tea down, letting the cup leave a slight clank when it hit the glass table.

"It can't be that bad... She's often talked about, she's quite an honorable shinobi. Which is why you two were paired, with you being the best, and her being one of the best." Itachi shook his head, "I don't get it. Why didn't they talk to me about it first?" 

Shisui sighed, "Us Uchihas don't really have a choice, who were paired up with is up to our parents, just like it was up to our parent's parents. We're paired specifically so that we have the most elite offspring. It's shitty, I know... But it's how it is." 

"I don't want this." Shisui looked at him sorrowfully, "None of us do." Itachi massaged his temples, "I do everything they ask, I don't stick up for what I want, I never talk back... I've tried hard to be their perfect son, and yet... I still get shitted on... Do they ever care how I feel?" 

Shisui shrugged, "It's hard to tell with our parents honestly... They all grew up the same, only knowing one way of parenting... Sometimes I wonder if my parents care how Aika's life was... If they really cared how she felt... She... She wouldn't be dead right now."

Itachi looked down, "She would've been fifteen this year, right?" Shisui nodded, "I only bring it up, because... I want you to learn from her... She wanted an escape, she was tired of the training, she was tired of being someone she wasn't.. So she ended it... She was only eleven... God, what I wouldn't do to bring her back... Aika got so tired of their shit, she disobeyed them... Maybe it's time for you to follow you heart Itachi... Do what you want to do... Don't live your life for them."

Itachi nodded, "Thanks, Shi." Shisui stood up, "No problem, weasel." Itachi chuckled a bit.

He knew Shisui was right... But could he really do what was right?

Hello, my beautiful gems... I am so sorry that it took this long to update... I haven't felt like myself recently... Plus I got a lot of shit going on with family, cps, school, life etc... Anyways I hoped you liked this chapter... I'll try to get back into the swing of things but yeah... 

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