A Waiting Game Part 18

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25th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Jack's POV...

I can remember those very early years when Sarah and I would go fishing together.

She had learned to fish from her grandfather after following him around somewhat constantly, always wanting him to teach her things. It wasn't just fishing either.

He was the one who was an avid gardener and was also found alot out in the garden pottering around. She does love her gardening.

Or at least she did as I looked over at her as she lay on that hospital bed on the life support she had been connected to.

I can still hear the doctors when they came out to tell us if she made it or not and for a long moment there, we thought she was gone and that we lost her.

But we hadn't. It was now a waiting game for us all.

Of all the injuries she had sustained, it was the bruising on the brain that caused a small bleed which was of the most concern for everyone. The doctors won't know the real damage until the swelling has gone down and after she awakes.

They had to put he into an induced coma for a while to help her. So looking at her as she lays there with all these tubes and wires attached was something none of us were expecting.

Dad had sat there stunned and it wasn't until he spoke that I realised the true extent of his feelings.

The loss of the baby was I think the one thing that really bothered him and a few times I would find him quietly crying in a corner somewhere.

I know how much it would have bothered him since it bothered me a bit too since the baby had been a sibling. A little brother they told us when they came out to us the first time.

But dad was near distraught when we found out.

He kept pushing her away because he loved her. He thought it was for the best since there was like a fourteen year age gap, maybe a little more. But he was thinking of her.

"I shouldn't have gone and seen her father. This wouldn't have happened if I had just stayed away. She wouldn't be fighting for her life if I had just left thing well enough alone." I heard him mutter as he dropped his head into his hands.

" Dad, he was always like this. Something was bound to happen eventually. We just didn't expect it to be like this though. It's not your fault." I said to him as I stood over him with a hand on his shoulder.

My dad looked wrecked. He really did.

It wasn't until later that day when the doctors came back and spoke to us about him, Frank West that is.

" He had an embolism due to his extremely high hypertension. It had been monitored and we told him that it would affect his memory and emotions considering where it was. But he wouldn't allow us to fix it. His work was too important, he said to us. It was causing major damage when this attack occurred on Miss West." The taller of the doctors was saying to us

"So my hitting him with the lamp caused it to blow out?" Mrs Beemer, my grandmother had asked the doctors with a worried look on her face as she sat beside Sarah's bed holding her hand very gently.

" No. It had already blown. That was why he was so disoriented when he turned to look at you after you hit him. It was his anger that kept him moving and the moment it stopped, he dropped dead. So it wasn't your fault and we told the detectives just that when they were here asking about him." The other doctor was saying to her.

Then I watched as tears just rolled down her face as she too lowered her head to quietly cry a little.

Dad and I made her move in with us for the time being. It was only right anyway since she was my grandmother and Sarah would approve of us doing this anyway since she was family.

I would imagine that the grief and pain these two people who have been an important part of my life would be feeling some kind of relief at hearing this. Maybe not dad though. He is probably going to blame himself for some time to come.

The Kingsleys also made regualr appearances here in Sarah's room. Finding out that Sarah was much more important that we all thought was a shock for us.

But she was still just Sarah to me. My friend since a young child.

I was just so angry at myself that the last words I spoke to her were in anger. Her last images of me were of me slapping her, regardless of the reason. I just hope that I get an opportunity to make it up to her.

"Hey. How are you holding up?" I felt a gentle hand on my arm which drew my attention to Jen who was standing beside me smiling up at me.

I suddenly turned and wrapped her in my arms holding her close to me.

I felt her arms also wrap around me and squeeze me tight too as she lay her head against my chest. She felt so good in my arms.

I guess you could say that Jen was a surprise that entered my life. She said that she has always seen me around the place growing up and I was usually with Sarah when she did.

But she only approached Sarah after I was out of the way being too scared to do so before that. Her and Barb became the friends that Sarah always needed growing up but didn't get.

The moment I walked into Sarah's kitchen that first day back and saw Jen sitting there made me feel like I was hit by a lightning bolt. That's what her smile did to me. It still does.

Dad had said once that the men in his family knew who their lifelong partner was going to be by that same feeling that I just described. Nothing could change it either.

Bam! Cupid's stupid arrow struck straight and true when it aimed at me and pointed my attention to Jen. But this is the first time that I have ever physically made a move with her and I hope she doesn't get put off with how I am now going to act with her around.

She snuggled against me and it made me feel good.

I felt someone looking at me and glancing up, I saw that it was dad who had the briefest of smiles on his face. He knows.

But I wondered if he felt this same thing with my mother? A chat later on will have to take place with us I was thinking as I gave him a slight nod.

He knows what the nod was for.

Everything was nice and calm for a while now. It's been nearly a week since Sarah was attacked and all of us were taking it in turns so that there was always someone there in the room with her. We didn't want her being alone at any time.

That's when her fathers lawyers came to visit. Bloody bastards. I was so glad that Gran had her friend on speed dial. We were going to need them right now.

It was the first time I have ever seen The Judge go into action. I am just so glad that she was on our side and not theirs, poor bastards.

But after the dust had settled, one of the first things that Mr Kingsley went and did was get some personal security installed to make sure that Sarah, and us, were all safely taken care of.

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