Chapter 7

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"What are we gonna do?" I asked
"I don't know? We can't just keep her here" Erik replied
"But we can't let her go" I said shaking my head and looking at the floor
We walked into the house and we dropped our bags because we saw Cody and Maxx with Cassey
"Jason?!" Cody said really confused
"Cody?!" I replied
"You guys know each other?!" Cassey said equally surprised
"Yeah!" Cody said giving me the death stare
"Where the FUCK is Darren!!!" I shouted I was really pissed off
As if from nowhere Maxx punched me in the face
Erik jumped on him and knocked him out
"Maxx?!" Cassey shouted
She ran over to him but Erik stopped her
She punched him in the nose and ran to Maxxs unconscious body
"Maxx? MAXX?" She said crying
I went over to Cody he looked pissed as fuck
"Why, why Jason? I thought we were friends!" He said putting his hands into fists
"Austin did this in trying to fix it!"
"Your still a part of it you prick!" He said as he raised his fist and grabbed my shirt he punched my face
I pushed him off me and he fell to the ground
I grabbed Casseys wrist and dragged her to the basement and pushed her in
"You need to leave!!!" I shouted as I pushed him out and locked the door
I noticed Maxx on the floor passed out
I opened a window and told Cody to catch
I dropped him out the window and into the bush we have outside


Jason pushed me into the basement and I begged him not to
When I got put in Austin was chained up to the wall where I was and Darren was lying on a bed
He heard me come in and shot up
He ran over to me and I tried to run away but I tripped on the stairs
He climbed on top of me and straddled me
He looked so angry
He slapped my face
"BITCH!" He yelled making Austin laugh 
"Cassey? Come over here and we can cuddle" Austin said angrily
"I'd rather DIE!!" I yelled
"That can be arranged!" Darren said holding my throat
I thought for a minute and there was only one way to get him off
I broke free from his grip and grabbed his shirt and pulled him close
I kissed his lips
He kissed me back and I flipped us over and kissed his neck he moaned a little and I looked into his eyes
He smiled and laughed a little
I smiled back before punching his face so that he passed out
Austin looked shocked
"BITCH, YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUYS!" He said laughing slightly
He looked fully enraged which I enjoyed
He started pulling hard on his chains
"Austin what are you doing?" I asked worried
He didn't say anything he just kept wriggling
He finally broke free from his chains
I ran up the stairs and banged on the door
"HELP!!! JASON!!!" I said
"No bitch you can die in there for all I care!" He replied which made my heart break for a second
"B-but AUST-" I was cut off by Austin dragging me to the bed
He threw me down tying me up
He got a kinda club/bat thing and started to attack my legs with it
I screamed in pain
"Cassey?!" I heard a muffled voice from outside say
Austin hit me over the head
Before I blacked out I saw Darren getting up off the floor and coming towards me


I lifted Maxx out of the bush and carried him to the car
My plan was to break in at night and take her back to my house
I got into the car and drove away
I was crying
Maxx woke up and held his head as he sat up
"W-what happened, where's Cassey?" He said still dizzy
"At Austins house" I said wiping away a tear that just fell


I burst through the basement door and ran downstairs to see a severely beaten Cassey
Austin ran over to me and I knocked him out with one punch
I did the same with Darren
I picked her up bride style and heard her mumble something
I carried her up stairs and put her in my car
I drove to the nearest hospital
I ran through the doors with her in my arms
"I need a doctor FAST!" I said to the reception lady
"Oh my gosh yes sir right away Room 9" she said looking at Cassey
"Thank you" I said already walking off to the room
I lay her down on the bed and the doctor walked in
She was around 20ish and had long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes
"Hi, I'm Dr Ford" she said extending her hand so I could shake it
I shook her hand and told her everything, her name, her age, her DOB stuff like that
"How did this happen?" She asked holding her clipboard
"Umm...." I hesitated because I new EXACTLY what happened
"She was beaten" I said looking down at her a tear in my eye
She looked up at me and smiled sympathetically
Cassey started to stir and then opened her eyes
She looked confused
"W-where am I" she whispered
"Your at the hospital Case" I smiled down at her
"Jason? What happened?" She asked still whispering
"Austin and Darren" I said looking at the floor
"You might have to leave just now but you can visit later" the Dr said
"Okay" I said smiling at her and I leaned down and kissed Casseys forehead
"I'll be back with Cody and Maxx"
She nodded and I left the room calling Cody

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