Chapter 16

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Heyo guys! So this chapter is going to be a flash back for Liza! It'll make more sense when we get into the chapter, anyways hope you enjoy!

Liza's POV :
Liza- "Babe we're having a girl! A girl!"
David- "I know! I'm so happy"
Liza- "I've been thinking of names"
David- "Lets here some"
Liza- "Olivia, Kaylee, Maddison, Aria, Marie, Paisley, Natalie and Riley. What ones do you like babe?"
David- "Olivia, Aria, Natalie and Maddison"
Liza- "I like Olivia"
David- "Me too"
Liza- "Olivia it is" we both laugh, as we are laughing the nurse walks in and tells us we are ready to go, she gives us a baby picture and we're off.

*Next Day*

I wake up with David's arms wrapped around me, I carefully and quietly pick up my phone from the bed side cabinet trying to to wake David. It's 9:07am and I have a few notifications, but mostly texts from an unknown number. They said :

I know your getting my text

Why are you ignoring me?

It was silly of you to block my number. You now how easy it is for me to get ahold of you

Come on baby i know you miss me

We where so happy

I want to talk, meet me at Starbucks 1:00pm if your free

I love you Liza, we had so much. Just  get rid of that David guy, it can be you and me like old times

Hope you come?

*End Of Texts*

How did Melvin get my number again? We were never happy, maybe for a while but it all changed. He doesn't even know I'm pregnant or engaged. I'm gonna meet him, tell him to leave me and David alone, to get out my life.
  David moves and little, I turn over to him. His eyes are slightly open.
David- "Hey babe" he said tiredly opening his eyes.
Liza- "Hey, sorry if I woke you. I was just about to go out and get some coffee, want any?"
David- "It's fine thanks, i better get up, what's the time?"
Liza- "Uh" I say picking up my phone to look. "9:10am"
David- "I might just stay in bed for a little longer then" he said with a little laugh.
Liza- "Okay, I'm going to get ready, see you later. Love you" I gave him a small kiss on the forehead.
David- "Love you too" he mumbled back as he fell back to sleep.

I take a shower, put on some clothes, do my makeup and I'm off.

*Flashback now*

November 6th 2011
Melvin and I are going on a date today. I think today is the day I'm gonna break it too him, that I want to break up. I'm so scared, what if he hits me again or kicks me again or punches me. I'm so scared he'll hurt me. Me and Melvin have been together for almost two years, and this year has been the worst. He's become abuses and an alcoholic.

*Later that day*

Liza- "Melvin, we need to speak. But um...not here. At home."
Melvin- "K, but I want a beer when we get home"
Liza- "Okay" I said in a whisper.

*At There Apartment*

Melvin goes straight to the fridge and gets two beers. Both for him.
Liza- "Um Melvin"
Melvin- "What?" He said in a snap
Liza- "I-Can we talk please"
Melvin- "Whatever just hurry up"
Liza- "Um. I-I want to break up"
The hole room fell silent, while he just look at me in anger and confusion.
Melvin- "You what?!" He suddenly threw his beer bottle at the wall just behind me, barely missing my face.
Liza- "Pl-please just let me go" I said with tears running down my face.
Melvin- "Shut up!" He said then grabbed my wrist then pushing me up against a wall.
Melvin- "You where a bitch anyways" he then slapped me and pushed me out the apartment throwing all my things out after me.

I lay there on the floor crying, with blood dripping from my cheek.

Ayyyyee what's upppp? Okay what was that Rosie? Anyways I'm so so so sooooooo sorry for not updating in literally forever! I've been super busy with school and my phone has been being really temperamental. I went shopping today with my sister and got some makeup and clothes it was really good :). And omg I just watched The Walking Dead (TWD) 😭😍 I'm not going to give any spoilers but oml, and I'm in the UK so we get TWD on Monday's. I'll be updating tomorrow btw guys. Anyways I hope you enjoyed! ❤️❤️ Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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