Wheres Charlotte?

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Hermiones P.O.V

"Where did you say charlotte was again" Harry asked

"Ughh i told you she is sleeping"I say

There is a big crowd of people crowded around the Gryffindor entrance talking nervously and wondering what is happening.

"Whats happening?"I ask Harry

"Neville has proberly forgotten the passwords again"He says    "Heyyy"We turn around to see Neville

"Sorry"I smile at him on behalf of Harry

"Im head boy let me through,listen too me ,dumbledore is coming and i am head boy"we hear Percy shouting at people,not even getting their atentions

Dumbledore walks quickly past us up to the portrait.

"The fat lady is gone"He says and everyone gasps "How could this happen?"

Dumbledore asks filtch to find the fat lady "I dont need too shes right over there "pointing at a picture with an african setting

Dumbledore rushes over to the painting with Percy following

The fat lady was quivering behind a hippo "Who did this to you"Dumbledore say

"Si...i..rrr.ii.uu.s   B..ll.ackkk  she stutters

I turn to Harry "Sirius Black is in the castle he could be anywhere what will happen?"i ask

"I know we need to be carefully and i dont know"Harry says

"Right quiet everyone "Dumbledore shouts leaving everyone quite

"All Griffindors will be escorted down to the main hall where everyone will sleep tonight while we search the castle and find someone new to take the position in the potrait,all other houses will be notified now,so can you all follow Percy to the great hall "Dumbledore finishes

everyone starts to follow percy some 1st year crying that theres a murderer in the castle.

"Wait if Charlotte was in the common room when we left is she still in there?"I ask not knowing is she was in the common room

"Lets just walk down and see if we meet her walking down there because she might have woken up and walked down and we didnt see her and if shes not there we will tell one of the teachers shes in the common room"Ron says

"Fine but we are telling a teacher right away if shes not there"I say and we walk down with the rest of the group.

We enter the great hall and so far we havnt seen Charlotte walking down so if shes not in the great hall then that not very good

We walk in and no one is there apart from a few prefects from different houses and a few teachers planning out whos looking where.

"Shes not here come on we need to tell one of the teachers"I say

"Okay come who will we tell"Harry says

There was Snape,Lupin and pomfry and also telewany.

"Um well telewany and pomfrey are both talking at the other side of the room so i say lupin"Who is talking to Snape

We all walk up to Lupin.

"How may i help you kids"Professor Lupin says

"Well Charlotte was asleep when we all left for dinner and we came down to have dinner wothout her because i didnt want to wake her up and then there was the whole Sirius Black thing and well we thought she might have walked down her or we might have seen her but we havnt so she might still be either sleeping or in the Gryiffindor common room"I say

"What!So Charlotte could still be in the common room all by herself with a murderer in the school?" Lupin says

"Yes"I say

Both Snape and Lupin look sickly white with worry,I didnt think Snape would care.

"Thank you for informing us now you can go and find a sleeping bag we will get her as soon as we can so dont worry"Lupin says,I look around and there are now sleeping bags all over the floor.

"But sir ..."I say

"Go to bed we will take care of everything"He say and him and Snape rush over to other teacher telling them about Charlotte and they all rush out leaving us here having no idea if she is safe or not.

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