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Brad trails along behind Connor and James as they make their way to their usual place. Already feeling the buzz kicking in from pre's, Brad has taken it upon himself to calm down by stepping on every brick and avoiding all cracks, hoping to sober up before reaching the club.

"Bradley!" James calls out and Brad sees his two mates heading the other way, taking him out of his trance. James notices Brad's confusion as he approaches them, "Trying somewhere new" he offers.

"Yeah, maybe you can get your dick wet tonight," Connor remarks resulting in Brad giving him a few light kicks to the knee, yeah that will definitely put him back on crutches.

They make their way to the club door briefly flashing their IDs. "The usual?" Connor raises an eyebrow at them as he makes his way to the bar.

It's surprisingly not too busy seeing as drinks are cheaper during the week for the poor students who are suffering off of loans. James and Brad manage to find themselves an unoccupied booth just as Connor makes his way back over.

"Cheers lads!" Connor exclaims as they all tip back their shots. Brad slowly nurses his beer choosing to play it safe for now as he is already tipsy and does not want to be passed out before he can even get a dance in.

Brad people watches as they settle down waiting for the rest of their friends. Connor and James are apparently too busy with whatever topic they are discussing when a magnificent creature catches his eye.

"I just saw a stunning 7-foot tall man with the most beautifully chiseled jaw and cheekbones. God... you should see him, would put Michelangelo's work to shame!" Brad blurts out across the table.

Connor speaks up, "Who is it this time? I don't see anyone with that description." he cackles taking a sip of his drink.

Brad points him out again but gives up and grabs Connor's head, "Right there! The human giraffe with the eyes!" he whisper-shouts.

"Ohh," Connor smirks giving James a knowing look

A flurry of familiar faces make their way over to the table and the chorus of greeting plays out.

"Evans!" Connor cheers, making Brad take a second look to see who he is talking to. The Greek God himself. Chatting away to Connor as if they are good friends, but Brad would definitely know if he knew his best mate.

After Connor had his catch-up, which was also a great time for Brad to stop and stare for a while, the fine specimen walks over to the bar. Leaving a bewildered looking Brad, "How do you know him!?"

Raising an eyebrow, Connor suppresses a laugh, "He's on my team," Brad leans over, "And why have I never seen, said teammate before?"

"Well, I don't know, maybe if you came to one of my games!?" Connor counters with a smirk. Okay, yeah, true although they have just started their second year Brad still hasn't watched Connor at any of his football matches. He blames his love for sleeping in and doing coursework. "No worries bro, I'm sure he will fall in love with you and do all that domestic shit you dream of."

"Haha," Brad deadpans.

"You moved your head so fast I wouldn't be surprised if you gave yourself whiplash!" Connor cackles. "I hate you.." Brad mutters into his glass

Brad blinks rapidly trying to get his brain or eyes or life, maybe, into focus. He recognizes the beautiful brunette, Jade who is gracefully perched on Connor's lap giggling into his neck. There are a few other people in their conversation too. To his right he can see James and two girls - Perrie, he thinks? Dancing and talking with wild hand gestures. Must be interesting.

"You alright?" a voice comes says as the spot next to him becomes occupied. It takes five minutes (two seconds) for Brad to stop staring in disbelief and grins at the boy.

Tris smiles back, "I'm Tris Evans by the way." He offers his hand.

Ten minutes later (five seconds) Brad accepts, engulfing his own, feeling the warmest and softest skin that must have been sewn by angels, "Bradley Simpson" he nods. "Wait, no, just Brad" he quickly corrects.

Tris lets out a small laugh that feels like it is seeping into Brad's skin and making his heart all fuzzy, or that could be the alcohol, whatever.

"Don't lie!" James decides to chime in saving his ass from embarrassment, "It's Bradley Bear!" on second thought, he can leave.

Tris turns to Brad with a smirk "Bradley bear? Can I get you a drink?" One hour later (literally only two seconds later) Brad rolls his eye, "Please."

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