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It was a dark, dreary night as I walked home. The road I was on was abandoned and made a chill rattle down my spine. I wrapped my scarf tighter around me as I noticed the air was getting colder. Naturally, I couldn’t tell how cold it was because of my body heat. It kept me warm, usually, but tonight was far colder than it had been since living here.

On my walk, I didn’t know where I was going. I needed to get home, but I couldn’t. Something, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on, beckoned me not to. A howl in the distance sent me trembling. I stopped my walking to listen more. It was angered, a howl I know too well from someplace long ago, my past maybe. It was bloodlust. 

I squirmed uncomfortably, still not moving; yet, the blood-driven howls came closer. Each time sounding more and more angered and defined. I could hear the nasty, slobbering snarls and the clamping of canines. A shrill wolf war cry that sounded more like a prehistoric bird than a werewolf rang throughout the darkened street. It sent shivers cascading down my spine. I had to move, I had to go forward... but I couldn’t.

I sensed motion just a little away from me. It was fast and coming towards me. I let out a shaky breath and noticed I could see my breath in the now frigid air. I began to walk, slowly trying to make distance between myself and the blood-lusting creature that lingered towards me quietly, but I could still sense him.

I tried to be quiet as possible, so that I wouldn’t be heard. I knew the creature stalked me, and knew my every move, but I kept going forward. My heart beat quickly inside my chest as I heard the soft snickering of the creature. I came across a building and stood there, quietly, as I watched for the beast. It would be arriving for me at any time now. I could hear his huge deathly claws scratching the asphalt with every step he took.

Within each step closer to me, was a step closer to my death. I had my two babies at home cuddling up to each other while they slept and their nanny sitting watching a soap opera, waiting for me to come home. Only tonight, I wasn’t coming home. I wouldn’t kiss their little heads, or read them a story to help them sleep. I would lose them and the life I had made.

Then, a thought occurred to me, I needed to run, but it was too late. I sensed something creeping up behind me. Something big, and almost hairless; its teeth gnashing together, drool pouring from its mouth. My eyes got big and wide and I took that as my chance to run.

I didn’t want to look behind me, so began to run as fast as my wolf inside would carry me. The creature was not too far behind. I could hear his snarls of anger towards me as I ran. I came across a corner taking a sharp turn, but almost immediately, I regretted it. All the way at the end of the street was a dead end. I gulped frightened. This was the end for me.

The beast behind me was standing there impatiently waiting for me to do something. I knew I would have to face this creature sooner or later. I took a deep breath and turned around. This was no wolf, this was something more. It was huge; it’s body thick and muscular. Its legs were scrawnier, but sturdy and full of muscle. He’s snot was long and his eyes were redder than a stop sign. He didn’t have any hair, just fuzz that patched his body and his paws were big and contained long, sharp claws.

I walked backwards closer towards the dead end. I wanted to put as much distance as I could between the scary creature and I. Though with each step I took back, he took one forward. The wolf’s body held no heat. It survived from the coldness that made up his body heat. Almost like a vampire in werewolf form, only vampires didn’t exist.

My body trembled from the coldness that came off the creature’s body and the terror I felt from being this close to a monster of his texture. I kept a steady pace and tried to keep my balance as much as possible, but that was very hard. My balance was horrible and I was very klutzy. So, when I didn’t watch where I was stepping, I fell and tripped over something. The menacing creature snickered to himself and took that as a chance to advance on me.