Chapter 2, operation T. S.

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       I rode home with Drace, and we went straight to her room, i pulled out some printer paper, and she got a file folder writing, 'Progect T. S.' on it in big red letters, i looked at her confused tilting my head at her. "Progect T. S.?" I asked.

       "Progect Tera's secrets." Drace grinned putting down her pen, "We'll use this," she gestured to the folder, "To catalouge everything we learn about her, so what do you know so far?"

       "Well, she's deffinatly rich, she wears desiner cloths, she's girly, and she never shuts up." I said leaning against Drace's green walls. Drace looked at me, "I don't see how thats helpful." she snickered, "But...i guess we could put that she's rich...." Drace grinned putting her arm around me.

        I pouted slightly, "I feel stupid now thanks Dra." i smiled and looked at the folder once more and sighed, "We need more infooooo." i grinned and got up, "Lets go see if we can find anything!"  I grinned, and we both walked out the door and down the stairs.

        "Where are you two off too?" Drace's mother asked mixed batter in a bole, i turned on my heel, smiling awkwardly.

       "Oh we're just going...I don't know, we're just gonna go walk okay?"

       "Oh okay be back before dinner!" her mom grinned, and turned around.

        "Bye!" we smiled in unison and we walked out the door, "Alright, now then lets go." i grinned and walked to the park.

       Thats when i saw her, the identical terror standing there in the park, i flipped and in a move that my dad tought me so i could flip into a shrub or something without being noticed or severely injuring myself.

       Drace looked at me confused and i motioned for her to do the same, she slowly made her way to over without being noticed i watched her from behind the shrub, "Humm..." i muttered pulling a pen and note book out of my messanger bag. "Alright." i muttered looking at Tera.

       Tera was standing next to a man with white hair, i thought it might have been the man i saw when i was six, i looked around though i still kept a close eye on Tera.

       Tera was looking up at the man and looking pleadingly at the man, i sighed and looked at Tera more closly, i looked her over, making a discusted face.

       I sighed looking over to Drace and getting up as they started to leave, we trailed after them and got onto our skateborards and started writting after the long limo, we grinned at eachother, interveiw time.

       We stopped at a huge mansion, looking up at the thing, "Wow..." i muttered half envying her, i sighed and looked around, Drace looked from me to the mansion, "So, do you want me too interveiw them look just like the identical terror?" She grinned.

       "Oh you just want to go in the mansion, don't you?" I smirked crossing my arms and stepping on the end of the thing and catching it with one hand. "No i don-...okay yes i do!" Drace said doing the same.

       "Alright but i'm coming in too, i'll just hide!" I grinned and then walked into the gate, "Alright help me?" i grinned and she nodded and walked back out of the gate and picked up her bag, she pulled out a light blonde wig and put makeup on me. I smiled as she held up a mirror. i looked tottally and utterly diffrent i grinned at her and we walked inside, "Alright, lets get going!" Drace grinned as we walked up to the huge double doors we exchanged a glance and knocked on the door.

       "Hello?" A tall buttler loking man answered the door and looked down at us, he looked almost discusted, "Who may i ask are you two...lovely young ladies...?" he asked as if struggling to find the right words not to offend us, i smiled the biggest fakest smile i could manage, "Hello sir." i smiled skateboard still in one hand, "I am Bonnie," i lied unable to think of a better name, "And this is Draca..." i muttered using her fake name she had come up with, "We came to ask a few questions..." I muttered looking at the man.

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