That Boy Be Lovin' You.

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The line for entry into the track is about as long as to be expected, I spot Vaughn and Jeremy's car not that far ahead of us

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The line for entry into the track is about as long as to be expected, I spot Vaughn and Jeremy's car not that far ahead of us. The line moves smoothly, when we reach the pay booth, I pull out my wallet to pay for my way in, "Put that away." Chase pushes my hand away.

"You don't have to pay for me." I tell him.

"I know, but I want to."

"Thank you." I smile.

"Racing?" the young guy standing inside the doorway of the booth asks Chase.

Chase takes a second to think about it, "Sure."

The man grabs the window marker and steps out from inside, "Number?"

"Seven, twenty five." I watch the guy write the number on the side window, and the top front then steps back into the booth.

"That'll be thirty."

Chase hands him the money, "Good luck." The guy says, handing Chase the track rules and regulations. He hands me the paper, and I place it

in my lap.

"Seven twenty five?" I question.

"Yeah, my birthday."


He puts the car into gear then drives towards our usual spot near the chain link fence. Vaughn and Jer's car are parked, they're already standing around with the hoods to their car propped up. There's an orange Subaru parked on the other side of Jer, "Is that the guy he's racing?" I ask.

"I'm not sure." Chase says shutting his car off. We both get out, Taylor looks our way and waggles her eyebrows making me laugh. I come to a stop next to her, Chase moves over towards my brothers and Jer putting some space between us.

Vaughn is talking to the guy I don't know, so I can only assume that he's a friend of his. He introduces Chase to him but doesn't even bother to acknowledge me.

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" I ask a little annoyed that I'm being ignored.

"No." Vaughn says, and I catch Chases eyebrow raise. So I move towards them, and put out my hand to the new guy. "Hey, I'm Veronica." I greet him. He has a head full of hair, not in any particular style, and black glasses, his shirt says 'Gamer.'

"Brandon, nice to meet you." He smiles, showing nice white teeth.

"Are you done hitting on my friend?" Vaughn barks.

"I am not hitting on him!"

"Hey, she can hit on me any day." Brandon says playfully.

"Uh. No." Vaughn says, as another "Get the fuck outta here." comes from behind me. I look over my shoulder at Vance who's glaring at me, then glance at Chase who looks amused.

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