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Kris P.O.V

10:46 P.M.

"And now stepping to the plate. The third basemen, Kris Bryant." Smiling to myself, I walk up to the plate with the crowd cheering around me.

Man I love the sound of that

Looking out at the field, I see Rizzo at first, Russell at second, and Ross at third. I see Madison Bumgarner nod his head, and lean back getting into stance.

Two outs, bottom of the ninth. Down by one run. C'mon Kris.

With that, Bumgarner pitches the ball, I step forward and swing. The bat shatters in my hands. I take off for first and by the time I reach the bag I see the ball go over the ivy. Pumping my fist, I trot my way around the bases.

"Kris. Kris. Kris." The crowd chants over and over.

When crossing third base, I smile widely and run a little faster. Jumping into the mosh pit of teammates, I let them shower me in Gatorade and water and cheers. My mind is a blur for everything that happens.


"Later Kris." Riz, states while slapping me on the back.

"Later Rizzo." I mutter. When reaching my car I grab the back door handle and pull.

Why do I always forget to lock my car?

"Whatever man, it's been a long day." I barely whisper. Throwing my bag into the back seat without looking, I close the door and walk around to the front seat. Turning my precious car on, I slowly peel out of the parking, and turn towards my apartment.

This is one of the best days of my life. I never want anything to change.

Hey! Quick update for you guys since I'm sick at home. Hope you guys like it! Tell me what ya think. I'll try and update soon!

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