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thank you

First off, thank you for clicking on my story. I'm assuming some part of the title, the cover, or the summary interested you. If you have an idea of what exactly interested you to read this book, tell me! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

looking for feedback

I have only posted the first twenty or so chapters to receive feedback. I would sincerely appreciate any and all votes, comments, and library additions. Any constructive criticism you may offer me would be immensely appreciated.

I am very open-minded when it comes to constructive criticism, as some of you already know; however, that doesn't give you permission to be rude. There is a fine line between offering constructive criticism and just being plain rude. Those types of comments will be deleted. Thank you for understanding.

This is the first rough draft of the story. Once completed, it'll undergo major editing and revising before I post the rest of the novel. If you're wondering when I'll finally post the rest of "When Dreaming Becomes Dangerous," I, unfortunately, cannot give you a time to expect. This is a huge urban fantasy novel, so it'll probably take months, if not years to finally reach a version I am happy with. I'm sorry, but thank you for understanding.

This also goes out as a second form of payment to my humble editing and critiquing clients who feel mentioning me as their editor just isn't enough for the hard work I've dedicated to their books. It is not mandatory of course, but I know many of you have expressed that you just can't thank me enough and feel the need to do more as a thank-you. Well, here it is!

If any of you are going through the editing and revising stages, please check out my guide book, "Edit like an Editor." It features sections and parts where you can learn how to edit your work like an editor through detailed explanations, examples, guides, and tips from yours truly. I plan to complete that book in the summer of 2017.

major themes & inspiration

I'd just like to bring your attention for a moment to the outrageous injustices black people and other minorities have had to endure in the U.S., and how it has been in the spotlight way too often since at least 2015.

Yes, I am a white middle-class woman, and I am aware of my privilege, but that doesn't mean I am any less hurt from watching the people I love feel discriminated, ostracized, and unloved by the American people and corrupted police.

I would also like to mention for all those who don't think the police are at fault, some are and some aren't. There is good and bad in everyone. It just so happens that the bad are acting out and causing so many unjustified deaths.

This book is an outlet for me to release my emotions through a world I created where the minorities have been hiding for decades due to a dictatorship-like presidency; however, are slowly boiling over until a climax for justice is reached.

There will be powers not known to our world in this one and magic that I hope will make you envious, but the main theme will be the same: Justice.

This book supports #TalkThePOC and also the campaign #ProjectWomanUp.

For those who know me personally, you know of my advocacy for women empowerment and gender equality. What I love about #ProjectWomanUp is that it cuts through all the noise most Wattpad writers and readers are familiar with: damsels in distress and unhealthy, possessive relationships.

Those kinds of stories I've seen on Wattpad since the beginning (almost eight years now). This type of love has become idealized. It has become a sick definition of what love is, of what teenagers believe real love looks like, and real love is definitely not that!

I want to read (and write) stories about powerful women, who don't solely rely on men like their lives depend on it. I want to see amazing women working towards a goal to better themselves, whether or not a lover is in the picture.

So, I am proud to fight back and represent #ProjectWomanUp through Wattpad by portraying strong female characters in fiction.


So, now that the preface is out of the way, I really hope you enjoy joining me on this introductory ride through a great and powerful world.

The next part is the cast, which features an awesome book trailer. I like to include a part with photos just so you understand my inspirations.

Again, thank you for joining me. It means so much.

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