Chapter 10 : Aoife

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THE PREPARATIONS for their move to Romania went faster than the couple thought it would. Of course, having magic at their disposal helped. They were packed and ready by ten am and found themselves at a loss as to what to do. Both wanted to avoid speaking to each other. Neither wanted to try and figure out their feelings regarding the situation. Silence filled the small bedroom as they stared at each other, the last suitcase closing.

"When is the portkeys set for?" Charlotte asked Charlie, for what seemed like the twentieth time.

"Six tonight. You know this." He rolled his eyes, getting frustrated by her questions.

"I know, but it's so early and I'm bored." She whined, making him want to pull his hair out of his head.

"Then go do something, you're not an invalid and you are not under lock and key here. Go see Leah or something." His growl caused her to have a hurt look on her face.

"I think I'll do that. Maybe you should go see your friends too." She snapped, and with a crack apparated out of his childhood home.

He groaned, his nerves and frustrations getting the best of him. He usually was much more patient but for some reason, his temper was short today. He rolled his shoulders, deciding he was going to see his friends. He usually leaves without saying goodbye, but this time it was much different. His friends still didn't know he was married and he needed to remedy that. 

He walked downstairs, and entered the kitchen, avoiding looking at the big Grandfather Clock. Fred's arrow pointed towards the word dead and this always gave him a kick in the stomach. He grabbed the Floo Powder next to their fireplace and threw it into the hearth.

"Diagon Alley!" He shouted and with a flash of green, he was on his way.

Many different fireplaces flashed in front of his eyes, some sounds filtering through. There were sounds like arguments, laughter and tears. It always put his life into perspective hearing other people's problems. It made him realize he had a good life.

Now, he had a good life, an amazing family and although she was reluctant, a brilliant wife.

With a woosh, Charlie landed in the Leaky Cauldron's fireplace, almost falling onto his knees. He rushed out of the fireplace, dusting his jeans and shirt off. There was almost always someone else behind him, so unless he wanted to be landed on by someone else, he needed to exit rapidly. He disliked how dirty he was when he used the Floo Powder, but he wasn't a very good apparater and avoided it with a vengeance. He greeted Tom, the bartender and owner. The bar wasn't very busy, as it was Monday now. After exchanging pleasantries with Tom, he left the pub and walked over to the wall that allowed wizards to enter their own world in the middle of muggle London.

He tapped certain bricks with his wand and the wall opened, the bricks moving to the sides. He stepped through and a smile spread on his face. The Alley was busy and various wizards were hurrying around with their children. It was one of his favourite places and he was happy to be here. It had definitely changed since he went to school and at the end of the war, but he was happy to be able to walk here and no-one being scared around him.

He strolled towards his brother's joke shop, and looked around him. He wasn't looking where he was going and quite literally found himself smacking into someone.

"Oof, are you okay?" He looked down, holding the person's shoulders to steady himself and felt his stomach drop.

He struggled to hide his emotions and gave the pretty woman a hesitant smile.

"Charlie! Of all places to see you, it's here." Aoife smiled, her face lighting up.

"Aoife, why are you here?" His short answer made her face drop.

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