Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Just like I had thought, I was bombarded with questions from my dear lovely friends.

"Where were you?"

"Did you really leave with Nathan?"

"Are you guys going out?"

"For how long?"

"Did you guys kiss already?"

I just looked at each one of them and said "Okay so first, I was kicked out of class because of Nathan, second I did leave with him, and third being, no I'm not going out with him nor kissed him"

All of their faces fell instantly.

"Listen you guys, I've got everything under control, it's our senior year, shouldn't we enjoy it just a bit?"

"She's right" June spoke up.

"You see, even June agrees with me" they each gave me a skeptical glance but didn't say a word.


My mind would constantly drift back to yesterday. I actually enjoyed being with him. It was fun, just two friends hanging out. I wonder what it would be like to hang out with Kade. Sigh.

"Miss. Ferrier, would you answer the next question" it was no other than Mrs.Ed.


"Uh...I'm sorry can you repeat the question?"

"Please pay attention, you are an AP student so act like one! You know I don't like repeating anything twice." And she finished it off with a stern look.

"Yes ma'am"

How embarrassing.

Freaking Nathan! I knew knowing him was never going to be a good idea!

The bell rang signaling time to go to the next class, and just as I stepped out, I saw Kade.

And he was there...waiting for me.

Talk about heart attack!

"Hey Adrielle" he said while wrapping one arm over my shoulder.

Be cool, act cool.

"He-y" total fail.

"How about I walk you to your next class" his oh-so-precious smile appeared.

I cleared my throat and this time answered a short simple word, "sure" and gave him a smile of my own.

It was 5 minutes of pure bliss.

I made sure it was the entire 5 minutes we had to get from class to class. This could be once in a lifetime chance and well might as well enjoy it. Right?

"You walk extremely slow" he chuckled.

My cheeks tinged a tad bit pink, "Yeah, well, this doesn't normally happen" I kept fidgeting with my fingers.

"Hmm I see, then would you like to happen?" At that moment we stopped walking and I turned around to meet him face to face.

His green orbs stared right at me. How am I suppose to answer that?

"With a simple I like you, would be enough"


"You know you're voicing your thoughts"

"Oh..ha..ha..yeah, I tend to do that a lot"


That was no other than the bell. Thank the heavens for saving me from an awkward situation! But also damn you for ruining my once in a life time chance!

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