It Doesn't Look Good. Part 17

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24th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Jack's POV...

Coming back from a holiday I had been planning for years and walking into events that would be life changing I was not expecting.

Finding out that Sarah has been sick for years with that coeliac disease was a big surprise.

But not as big as finding out that she was pregnant. Then finding out that the baby was my own tiny brother or sister was like being punched in the diaphram pushing any air I had in my lungs out.

I was shocked speechless and my temper got the best of me, unfortunately. And Sarah is paying the price for it.

I still can't believe that I had the audacity to even raise my hand to her and I hope and pray that she will forgive me for that one stupid moment of lunacy.

If she survives.

I shudder when I remember her on that gurney covered in that sheet that was turning red the more they got her to the door of the ambulance. I couldn't even think about her poor face which was completely covered in blood.

But I'm not the only one sitting here waiting while she was in surgery.

Mrs Beemer was here with us. The nurses had to bring her a valium to help calm her down after she collapsed when she saw Sarah going into the back of the ambulance. She was so distraught.

The police have also been here in and out of the hospital but they met the force of both a lawyer called Kingsley and his wife they were all very familiar with, The Judge.

She was the one who was acting as Sarah's enduring guardian at the moment since she was incapacitated.

I have to say that it was a shock when they came walking into the hospital like they owned the place and from the respectful looks they were still getting, I would imagine that they probably do.

They too were sitting there on a lounge sipping from some disposable coffee cups. Much like dad was doing.

He was as white as a sheet ever since Sarah went and told him that she was pregnant with their baby. His face was still pale hours later after we watched the ambulance drive away with her in it.

He still seems to be in a stunned state after everything that has happened.

"Just how often has he been beating her?" He demanded when he turned around to look at us ignoring the other officers who were now watching what was happening with us.

"Too much. He tried to catch her on her own when he was upset about something. He has blamed her for all of his failures ever since he found out she was a baby. He was so angry and looked for any excuse to show her his anger and dislike of her." Mrs Beemer was saying in answer to dad's question.

"But why?" He asked her puzzled that someone could hate their own child for something that wasn't their fault.

"Because she was a visible reminder of one moment of stupidity where he got caught out as a teenager and blotted his families name." Mrs Beemer said quietly as she sat there reclining back on a lounge with her eyes closed as she waited with us for news of the girl she has raised from a baby.

"She looks like her mother at that age. She was such a sweet girl too, Theresa was. She was sadly persuaded by Frank very easily. Her family were overly protective and wouldn't allow her to go anywhere just in case.. Just in case anything happened. Frank was there to give her attention by being there in the right time and place. The rest was history." Mrs Beemer was quietly saying as she remembered Sarah's mother.

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