Chapter 10- Dinner

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Joe's POV
I climbed out of the car and went to the boot. I got the pushchair out. I then went to her door and grabbed the black car seat out and attached it to the pram.
I then ran round and got Mason and Freddie out. I placed Mason into his seat in the double pushchair.
Niomi held Freddie's hand as we walked through the town.
"Where do you want lunch?" I asked Niomi.
"What about Pizza Hut ess?" She repl
"Yeah." I said, she picked up Freddie and began to run.
"Come on slow coach, it's beginning to rain." Niomi said as the first of the raindrops hit the floor.
We ran to Pizza Hut,
"Table for four please." I said to the woman.
"Right this way sir." She gestured into the restaurant.
We were seated in a corner booth, Niomi next on my Left and Mason on my right, Freddie was next to Nimbobs and Lexi asleep in the top of the pushchair.
"Can I have the pepperoni pizza and 2 small margaritas, please." I asked our waiter
"And for the pretty lady.." he asked Niomi.
"Can I have a margarita as well please." She replied
"Is that it?" The brown haired waiter asked
"Yes thank you." I replied

Niomi's POV
"How was your pizza?" Joe asked me
"It was nice." I replied as Lexi began to cry. I got up and walked over to the pram. I unstrapped and pulled her close into my arms.
"Shh Lex. There's no need to cry." I whispered into her hair. I went and sat back down, Lexi back sleeping in my arms.
"Can I have the bill please?" Joe asked the waiter.
"Yes sir, will be with you in a minute." He replied before walking off I tot he kitchen. He returned a few seconds later with a brown, leather book. He handed it over to Joe, who slipped some money inside before handing it back.
We got up, I kept Lexi in my arms. Joe sat, Mason in Lexi's seat and Freddie in Mason's. He pushed the pram out of the restaurant and back to the car, while I carried sleeping Lexi.
Joe fixed her car seat back into the car before I placed and strapped her little body into it.
He then ran around and strapped Mason and Freddie in. They both fell asleep instantly.

We both then climbed into our seats and Joe drove us back to his house.
Joe grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers together. I turned and smiled at him, he smirked back. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek,
"I love you suggy." I said
"I love you too, Nimbobs." He replied
Joe unlocked our fingers to change gear, he replaced his hand on my thigh.
"Please stay over tonight." He whispered to me.
"Okay, I will." I said back, kissing him on the cheek again.

Joes POV
I pulled up outside Niomi's house, for her to run and grab herself a few things. She returned a few short minutes later and climbed back in the car.
"We need to go pick Olivia up from school."  I said, looking back at the sleeping kids in the back.
"Okay, her school is only down the road from here. Why don't we walk?" She replied
"Yeah, I'll go get the pram out the boot. Wake Freddie up, Mason and Lexi can stay asleep in their pushchair."
I grabbed Lexi's car seat and attached it to the pushchair that Mason was now sat in.
Freddie was awake but sleepy so Niomi piggy backed him to Olivia's school.
We waited outside the gate with the rest of the parents, until they opened it to let parents collect their child from the teachers.
"Do you want me to go in and get her?" Niomi asked.
"Yeah, you can do. I'll wait here with the kids." I replied

Niomi's POV
"Olivia Sugg." I said to the teacher, at the door.
"Your not her mother, why do you want to take Olivia?" She replied nastily
"I'm her Dad's new girlfriend, Niomi. He's waiting outside with her little brothers and sister. Olivia knows who I am. Let me take her home." I said.
"Olivia.." she shouted into the class room. The little blonde-brown haired, blue eyed little girl came running from her class.
"Nimmy." Olivia shouted and ran at my legs.
"Hey Liv, daddy is waiting for us with Mase, Lex and Freddie." I said picking her up and carrying her to Joe.
I held Olivia's and Freddie's hand as we walked back to the car.
I strapped them both into their seats while Joe strapped in Mason and Lexi.
We drove back to Joe's singing to the Disney karaoke cd, Joe had in the car

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