Unexpected Reactions. Part 16

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" I would have told you earlier, but you ran off like a scared chook. But now you know." I said to him watching as his jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

He was now told about becoming a father again and I walked back down the front porch stairs and began my walk back home.

I had only reached the bottom of the stairs when I saw a truck pull up behind Reid's own. Oh shit I was thinking. Now it will be on for young and old.

" Hey Sar. What are you doing here? I thought we were going to meet up at Koff's Cafe for a late lunch." He asked me which had me freezing on the spot feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

It wasn't until I saw him glance behind me that he saw Reid standing there still looking shocked at the news I delivered to him.

" Hey. You're back early. Have you finished?" He called out to Reid who was still looking stunned and I think it was in that moment when Jack was looking back and forth between me and Reid that he was probably putting two and two together.

He stopped and stood still, just staring at the two of us. Really looking at us. Then his eyes widened as he also glanced at my belly which was fully on display so that the baby bump was prominently seenable.

' Oh fuck no. No! Tell me it isn't him? Sarah, please tell me it's not him?" He was pleading as he dropped what he was holding and looked at both his father and myself.

But I couldn't say anything as I looked at Jack with tears filling my eyes.

"Well! Tell me damn it. Tell me." He pleaded again as the tears began to fall down my cheeks as I stood there in front of him wanting to reassure him of everything.

But I couldn't move. I was frozen there as I watched him.

Seeing that there was tears in his eyes too caused me to lift my hands to my own mouth and hide I hoped the sob that escaped.

Then I watched his eyes turn a really cold steely grey color. Much like his fathers does when he is pissed.

"You knew he was my father. How could you be so stupid. Because you are. He's my dad Sarah. You don't fuck around with your friends father. You just don't." He ended up yelling at me as he stepped closer to me waving his arms about.

But he stopped not close enough. He stopped a few feet away, just outside of arms reach.

My eyes widen with his next words.

" You have to be lying. There has to be someone else that is the father of that baby. It's not my dad's. It can't be." He sneered at me.

I have never seen him act like this before. At least not towards me. Ever.

" But it is. Ask him." I said back to him quietly trying to soothe the anger my friend is justified in feeling.

And he would be justified too I suppose and I know how he feels. I'm been in the same position sort of with my own father bringing the occasional younger women home with him.

Some of which weren't much older than I was.

" He's old enough to be your father too, Sarah. Didn't you stop and think of that." He snapped at me.

"For fuck's sake, Jack. The man is a walking testosterone stick and I am not immune. The man is younger than my own father to boot. He was fourteen when he knocked up your own mother so don't throw age differences to me." I yelled into his face when I felt that enough was enough.

That's when I felt the first sting of a slap from him. Something I have never felt before and I looked at him in horror still seeing his angry eyes looking at me.

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