Unexpected Reactions. Part 16

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24th October All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Jack has been in contact with the university regarding starting his core subjects and has been going back and forth to Boise to get it all settled before he finally starts in a few weeks.

He was down there in Boise getting the last of his class equipment when Reid eventually made his appearance back home finally.

But getting up the courage to go and tell him was something else and I knew that I would have to catch him when no one else was around. Not an easy thing to find with all the movement around me lately.

Dad was being a pain again, but somewhat more aggressive than usual and I tried really hard to keep out of his way.

I wasn't sure if he found out about the baby or not, but the looks he was giving me were so hate filled I was really worried about what was the real problem. I guess I will have to go and see Mr Kingsley after all and make arrangement for living elsewhere, but I will be taking Mrs Beemer with me.

It was time. It was a surprise that Mr Kingsley was telling me about a property my mother had up in the hills. It was fairly remote, but getting in and out wasn't a problem and it was very secluded.

So I began to make arrangements to move away from my father now and make a new home for myself with my baby and Mrs Beemer of course.

So that was what I was doing the day after Jack made his appearance home again. We had spent hours talking about his trip. He thoroughly enjoyed all the places he went to, explored and visited.

Which was more than the postcards he sent back to me or his father I assume. So it was fairly late by the time he eventually left to go home.

Anyway, I had been to see my lawyer and told him everything about my situation including who the father was which had him choking in shock. But he needed to know in case I needed his services in a legal sense.

At the moment, I was on my way to see Reid.

As I usually do, I walked down to his place, taking the same path that I had taken the last time only walking away from his place.

I tried not to think of that time. It hurts too much. But this time I was just going to tell him and leave. What he decides to do is then up to him. At least I will have told him and that was the main thing.

I noticed when his place came into view there was only his car parked at the side near the garage. I walked straight up to the front porch and stepped up onto it walking across to the front door where I instantly banged a few times which I know echoed down the wide hallway inside.

A moment later, I heard someone stomping their way up towards the front door where the person eventually pulled it open with a jerk.

When he saw that it was me, he got another angry look on his face which was really beginning to piss me off. I was so over this jerk and his hatred for me for some unknown reason.

"What the hell do you want?" He snapped out at me as he stood there holding onto the open door just inside the screened entranceway.

I pulled my shirt flat against me so he would see the bulge, which his eyes did when they dropped to my waist when I jerked my shirt down.

" I'm pregnant and it's yours since I haven't been with anyone else. I came to tell you that." I snapped at him before I was about to turn and walk away.

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