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Idunno perhaps 2 chaps? 


"Buck you and Clint, Wade with Peter and Tony I'll teach you some new moves," Steve said, pointing to the partners. 

Wade smiled at Peter and wiggled his eyebrows. Peter just lightly laughed and put on his mask. 

They moved away from the others. Peter got his webshooters ready, and Wade got his katanas ready. 

"Ready?" Wade asked. Peter nodded enthusiastically. 

They charged at each other, and for the most part, the sparing went as it usually went. 

They tussled with each other, Wade muttering some inappropriate things in his ear. 

It was normal. 

Until Tony cried out when Steve demonstrated how to make almost any opponent fall. 

Peter's attention went to the two for a split second. Two things happened at that second: 

1. Peter saw that Tony was okay, and was glaring accusingly at a apologetic Steve, and

2. Wade's katana connected fully with his cheek. 

The katana swiped from near Peter's eye all the way down to the end of his chin. Peter let out both a scream of pain and a scream of surprise. 

His body thudded on the ground hard. Peter's hand automatically went to the cut on his head, and it stung. It was deep, and most likely needed stitches. 

When Peter screeched, everyone turned their attention to Peter and Wade. Everyone froze when they saw Peter on the ground with blood on his face and on the floor. 

Wade immediately dropped his katanas, rushing forwards to Peter's side. 

"Petey?" he asked gently, bringing the boy's head to Wade's inspection. Wade gently scraped Peter's mask off, and froze when he saw the cut. 

"W-Wade?" Peter asked, looking at his boyfriend, whom was frozen in place. Wade ripped off his own mask, and that surprised him. 

"I-I'm so sorry, Peter!" Wade screamed, tears streaming down his face, "I never wanted to hurt you, and here we are. I'm so so sorry! Please don't leave me... I-I need you! I need you so much, you don't understand! It'll never happen again, I promise. Please, please just-," Wade was cut off when Peter's hand landed on his cheek. 

"Shhh," Peter soothed, rubbing away the tears. "It's okay. I'm okay. I'm not going to leave you, I love you, so much." Peter gently laid his nose on Wade's, who just cried even more. 

At the gesture. 

At the love. 

"I'm sorry," Wade whispered. Peter kissed the tip of Wade's nose lightly. 

"It's okay." 

Steve and Tony took a glance at each other. 

Clint and Bucky looked very uncomfortable. 

"Now come and help me stitch my face," Peter said, starting to get up. 

Wade slowly nodded, picking Peter up, much to his protest. 


A\N this idea has been in my mind for a long time. I'm glad to finally be able to actually write it down. xD

tell me if I need to add another chapter of Peter getting stitched up. 



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