The Cakery is Closing

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My Young Travelers!
It seems you have reached the end, this Cakery is now closing. I hope during your stay your ideas have been sparked and you devoured plenty of cake.

But Not to fear!

Just because we aren't eating cake anymore, doesn't mean you lose the flavours and inspiration, you can always go back through the book and revitalize yourself with plates of cake. And Just because your stay is over does not mean that opportunity comes to a miss.

Just around the corner, if you go back to maplefoot's profile, there is a new place in town. It might not be a Cakery, but I hear this place sells ice-cream. The place you are looking for is called Scoop of Ideas. So my young friends, go find a book called 'Scoop of Ideas'' for your next shop for dialogue writing prompts, and little facts to add detail to your stories to spark something amazing in you.

I implore it's as good as this slice of inspiration. And don't hesitate to come back here anyway and have some more cake from the menu.

Don't forget to vote for the cake, and maybe even comment in admiring their flavour.

But Oh! Did i forget to mention! Scoop of Ideas and Slice of Inspiration are not your only dialouge and fun fact prompt books around, my most famous book which started this trend is still out there and hidden with beautiful story ideas. Go find Writers Juice, and Tea Time, i implore you to see and look at it's wonder and fill your soul with imagination.


So when I hit 200 chapters with Writers Juice i was up to 30,000 reads and 5,000 votes. When I hit 200 chapters with Tea Time I was up to 45,000 reads and 5,000 votes.
For Slice of Inspiration with 200 Chapters I have 65,000 reads and 7,000 votes. And I'm so glad; what I have enjoyed the most about this book is the involvement from everyone. More People commenting on chapters and adding their own take and dialogue has made me ecstatic and is exactly what I am looking for. I hope this trend is even more popular in my next book!
While Writers Juice has now been growing in fame and has hit 192k.
And Tea Time has gotten 65k.
I'm so glad people like these books. I always found that prompts in the form of dialouge was so much better than book prompts. Because dialouge can not only develop a story but also develop characters, and gives you so many amazing ideas.

But at least I have so far provided you guys with almost 600 amazing prompts and I wish to continue with this awesome trend.

So if you enjoyed this book, please go check out my previous books Writer's Juice and Tea Time if you haven't already.
And go check out my new book: Scoop of Ideas. My new book can keep entertaining you with all these tributes of writing prompts.

As for where these prompts have come from, I found some on Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as prompts being made up by myself and some of my friends. (Not the facts, they are all true though.)

Thank you for supporting this book, thank you for all the votes, and all the comments, this book feels so loved for it, and i know it's popularity is not over yet, because more travelers will find this book and comment and vote, and I'm just heaps excited to read the comments. So go check out Scoop of Ideas, Tea Time and Writers Juice. And tell me what you think!

Love, Maplefoot.

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