The Moment That Changed Everything

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"Launch sequence commencing. Launching in sixty seconds." the computerised voice declared and I cursed. If they'd just let me out of this cell I'd have been able to stop all this from happening. I thought for a short time about why things had ended up this way, with the world about to tear itself apart. I began to wonder if this was my comeuppance. After all, I'd voluntarily signed up for this. And now, because of me, the whole of reality itself was going to collapse.

"Launching in thirty seconds." As my memories came flowing back to me I grinned to myself. I couldn't stop this, but I could. I wriggled my hands around in the cuffs until I had a little more room to move. I clenched my fists with effort and the cuffs popped off. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the tiny device that'd escaped the search on my entrance here. I turned the dial to just the right amount and readied my finger over the trigger.

"Ten seconds remaining. Nine. Eight. Seven." I pressed the trigger and felt it warm up in my hand.

"Five. Four. Three. Two. One." I disappeared just as the first explosion hit the building.

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