Chapter 24 | Visitation Hours are Over

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"When I said we should take a break, I meant it," I said furiously into the phone, going outside the house. I sat on the steps, my feet resting on the stair below.

"Rosa, I am so sorry," Ales said from the other side. I rolled my eyes.

"I will accept your apology when you stop keeping me in the dark," I argued, shivering in the cold air, in nothing but a tank top and sweatpants.

"Come back home."

"Fuck you." And I hung up. What was happening? Everything seemed so good between us and suddenly we both were too stubborn to act like adults and confess our thoughts. The phone rang again but this time it was Blake.


"Rose! Where did you go off to? Are you okay?" Blake demanded.

"I wasn't feeling that great," I said.

"Yeah, Ales told us that much. He seemed pretty pissed- did you guys get in a fight?" You could call it that.

"We're taking a break with our relationship," I admitted. I leaned forward and rested my elbows on my knees.

"He doesn't seem to agree," Blake added. A loud screech of a car snapped my head up.

"Sonofabitch," I muttered. "Call you back." I hung up and got to my feet. Ales shut the car door and walked towards me.

"Why the hell are you here?" I demanded, backing up towards the door. Forgetting I was on a step, I tripped over the top stair, falling backwards. But Ales caught me, his faces inches away from mine. Regaining my balance, I pushed his arms away from me and opened the front door to my house.

"I wanted to see you."

"We are not talking right now. So you need to go," I said, enunciating each word slowly. Ales frowned, stepping up. I crept inside and closed the door but Ales jammed his foot in between the door and the frame.

"Rosa, baby. I want to apologize." My insides fluttered when he called me such names but I pushed that gushy feeling aside and gave him a cold glare. His hand moved to cup my cheek and I shook him off.

"Then apologize."

"I realize why you're so mad and I am sincerely sorry. I never meant to hurt you but protect you from any burden-" Ales' phone vibrated in his pocket, lighting his pants up. Giving me a small smile, he answered it but not without me seeing the caller ID. Adrianne.

"I leave for a night and you're already snuggling up with someone else? You're an ass." I slammed the door shut, leaving it rattling in its frame. The second I closed the door, the doorbell rang. And rang.

"Rose! Who is that?" My dad shouted from the kitchen. With a growl, I opened the door.

"Can you fucking not?"

"Let me in." I hesitated but let him in, stalking inside. My mom came out of the kitchen towards me but I

blew past her and up the stairs.

"Don't let him up!" I warned from the top of the stairs.

"Kelsea, Anthony! It's been long." I shut out their voices and jumped into my bed, eyes on the ceiling. The walls were still covered in posters of boy bands that I was obsessed with when I was in highschool and the ceiling had glow in the dark stars that I demanded my dad put up when I was eight. In the corner of the room was a pink basket, holding all of my favourite Barbies, but soon after turning twelve, I neglected them, along with everything that was too 'girly'.

A knock. Ales came inside, closing the door behind him. My glare followed him to my bed where he sat down inches away from me. Ales didn't say anything but his hand went to my cheek, down to my neck. He drew lazy circles on my skin and I sighed. No, wait- I began to pull away when he whispered.

"Don't resist it." His mouth met mine and he kissed me softly. His lips tasted like oranges and everything sweet. Finally, I touched him, my hands on his back, feeling the muscles beneath his shirt. He lifted me up and set me on his lap, my legs around his waist. I kissed him harder, tongue and teeth clashing, skin to skin warming each other.

I adjusted my position on his lap, our lips not parting, when Ales groaned. Smiling against his mouth, I moved my hips again, forcing another moan out of us both.

"If you don't stop doing that-"

"What are you going to do to me?" I whispered harshly, sliding my hands under his shirt.

"I will fuck you senseless," he growled, pulling his shirt off. With a small smile, I leaned forward and scraped my lips against his chest. As if realizing what I was doing, I jumped back, breathing heavily.

"Break. Break. Break," I repeated, standing up, fixing my hair.

"Oh Rosa, you just can't resist me," Ales drawled, lying back on the bed.

"You need to go, like right now."


"Get out!" I shouted. I felt bad. I mean, I did kiss him back but- the door closed behind him and I sat down on my bed with a loud sigh. 

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