I get out of bed and go straight to my closet. I do not have to take a shower because I took one last night. It was in between my dinner, which I had all alone because my parents were still at the bar, and homework because I was not able to finish it at school.

I do not care what I put on because no one cares to even glance at me. I just put on normal jeans, a t-shirt, and my black sweater along with my grey beanie. I put my combat boots on and got my backpack, keys, and phone then left my bedroom.

When I get downstairs I see shoes, a purse, a hat, a sweater and other stuff like that thrown on the floor. I went to the kitchen and got an apple.

I left out the front door. It's cold today which makes me extremely happy. I start walking to school slowly because I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

My thoughts go back to yesterday where I had shown Toby the bruise on my stomach. No one, and I mean no one, knows about what happens at home except John. So I do not know what came over me when I showed Toby. I feel like I can trust him but at the same time I feel scared of going to school.

What if he tells everyone? What if he tells them that I do this to myself?

At first I think that he would not but then again he is the 'bad boy' of the school who gets away with anything. He has never gotten suspended because of his influential father.

I do not exactly know what his father does for a living, but it must be a really good job because no one can be that rich by just doing nothing. I have heard rumours that say his dad is a drug lord or something like that because of Toby's image.

It is not an option to tell John about what I have done because from what my ears have heard they do not have a pretty friendship. So basically they hate each other. I always try to ask why but he never gives me an answer. It is always the same answers.

"It doesn't matter."

"It's a long story."

"It's not important."

I tried asking him when he gets drunk but he is too much of a smarty pants. They have hated each other like that since the Tenth grade when Toby was new.

I just hope I do not see Toby today. The only period I have him for is 6th period with Mr. Nathan. He does not always show up though, and I should know because I am never tardy, absent, or decide to just skip school. Not that my parents will care. It is just that school will almost be over and I can at least have a high school degree if I do not get into college.

I have to tell John because I do not like seeing him mad. So I walk to John's house and lightly knock on the wooden door. John's mom, Lauren, opens the door and tells me to come in.

Lauren is a 38 year old women with small lines of white in her hair. She is thin and wears dresses that go just below her knees. Her eyes are dark brown just like John's but hers look more like a chocolate brown. Her face is smooth with no wrinkles on it and her smile is always heartwarming; it is one of those smiles that you couldn't possibly not smile back to.

"Hi, honey how are you?" She asks me while pulling me into a tight hug that causes me to whimper a little from my stomach which is still sort of sore.

"Hi, I'm good thanks." I say and step back.

"John is in his room. He's already ready so you can go on up." She says and walks to the kitchen where I can smell some pancakes burning.

I walk down the hall to John's room. I know this house like the back of my hand. John's family trust me so much that they were even willing to give me an extra key. They wouldn't take 'no' as answer so now it's with my other keys.

I knock on his door 3 times before waiting for an answer.

Seconds later the door opens and a smiling John comes out.

"Hey." he says and moves away from his door so I can come in.

"Hey. So listen, I need to talk to you about something that happened yesterday after school." I say as I sit down on one of the sofa's that are in his room.

"Ok." He says and takes at seat on his bed.

"I don't want to tell you this because I know you will get mad so...promise me you won't be mad." I say.

"Depends..." He says.

"On what?" I ask.

"On how bad it is." He says in a 'duh' tone.

"Oh, well I don't like keeping secrets from you. So don't get mad ok?" He nods and I put my head down.

"After school yesterday I almost tripped but I didn't fall because someone had held their hands out and stopped me before my face could hit the cement...and that someone also saw the bruises. The good thing is that he doesn't know my name. But you know him and I'm afraid you'll get mad at me if I tell you who it is and that I let him see the bruise on my stomach."

"I won't get mad as long as it isn't that idiot Toby Crater. Don't tell me it was him?" He asks. His voice has a little growl in it when he says Toby's full name.

I don't respond to him because I don't want to tell him that Toby was exactly who it is.

"It is him isn't it?" He asks. I nod my head silently still not looking at him.

"Why would you show him? He might tell people and I don't want to see you getting bullied." He says, concern in his voice.

That's what he thinks. He thinks that I don't get bullied but boy was he wrong.

Ever since he became the captain of the basketball team girls always tell me to stay away from him and stuff. They always shove me and push me around when John isn't there to see. They always tell me that none of those 'conversations' should ever be known to John.

"I don't know what came over me so I let him. He doesn't know who I am I think so he can't possibly tell anyone and you have to keep your mouth shut ok." I tell him.

"Ok, but if he tells people I'm really going to beat him up." He states.

"Ok, now hurry up. Your mom's made burnt pancakes and you're driving me to school today." I say running to the door.

"Whatever." He says, chuckling.

When we both finish with our pancakes we head to school. It was normal until 6th period came along and then I just feel like dying.


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