Getting to know your bad side

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**Lyric's POV**

as i sit There Reading my book bill was There. Yes bill kaulitz brother of Tom kaulitz. Tom kaulitz Was Really mean to me he Harassed me Every Day. i bet bill wasen't to far from it. and besides i probably Deserve it. he Probably heard about me From When i was 13. I was an addict. I was addicted to money & ...doing it . And because of it i became a "Corner Queen." i Stopped because i Controlled myself. but I'm pretty sure i deserve what i get now.why is he still here i can still see his feet standing there in The Corner of my eye. Then some one sits next to me and says,

"reading and not Doing it. or are we Reading about doing a guy?" i knew who it was. it was Tom. bill nudged him with his foot and said.

"Stop."dose he really know about my past i thought to myself.

"Tom why do you always insist That i like to do it " i asked him. i Really wanted to Find out the awncer.

"Cuz......i just do." he stared at me the looked at my breast. i cover them. he smiles. i get up and Walk away. I hate the Kaulitz boys.i Thought again. The bell Rang to go home. i Grabbed my stuff from my locker And started walking home.

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