Coeliac Challenges Part 15

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" Don't know where you got the 'we threw everything out' from when you two girls weren't even here at the time." Mrs Beemer was saying as she was folding some washing that she had brought in that was dry on the line and was quietly folding it across the room from us as she listened in on us talking away.

Everytime the girls come over, they have new information with them and share it with us. It wasn't as if me and Mrs Beemer didn't know about it since it was among one of the first things we did when we got home after that disasterous visit with the doctor when we found out I was pregnant.

I still haven't told her who the father is and I think she assumes it is jack. But it's not. Jack and I have never considered that kind of relationship. he's always been there like my adopted brother.

To think of him as anything like a boy friend is just plain wrong to me. And to Jack too.

" But we're here now and that's the main thing." Jen butted in to say being as quick as a tack.

" Sounds.. interesting. I think." Jack said as he came and sat beside me still giving me one of those looks.

" It makes you as sick as a dog with lots of bloating and stomach cramps if you have this disease." Jen added with a smile thrown at Jack.

" You used to get those alot." Jack was saying quietly as he lay his arm across the back of my chair and leaned back to lift one of his ankles and cross it over his knee looking very relaxed at the moment.

But I know Jack and he is anything but relaxed right now with the way he is shaking his elevated ankle.

" So changing milks and creams and even butters to alternatives has been right interesting since nearly all the old recipe books had to go as well, since there is the high likely hood of this being passed on to any children she eventually has." Jen was also adding as she was looking at the laptop in front of her.

" To what? Milk is milk since they all have lactose. I can understand the grains and such. But how do you substitute milks, creams butters and cheeses. That's what you have to change." Jack threw in when Jen stopped talking.

" That's where both soy and coconut come into it. And tofu and nutritional yeast. They are both good substitutes for cheese." She quickly threw in.

They sounded disgusting by the look on Jacks face.

But with coconut, you get milk and you can also get a cream. I've been looking at the many uses of coconuts, not just for cooking, But coconut has been used for hundreds of years in cleaning, especially with washing clothes. I'm making what is called a laundry butter with coconut oils over the next few days. Want to come and watch me?" I asked Jack who just looked at me and frowned.

I think he has just realised that I was feeling somewhat nervous now that he is back home. I know we have to talk, but I wasn't expecting him back for another couple of weeks.

" Then there is the flours which can be replaced with coconut flour, rice flour, almond flour, soy flour, quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) flour, aramanth flour, arrowroot flour, banana flour, buckwheat flour.." Jen was saying before Jack interrupted her.

" Buckwheat? Doesn't that have gluten?" He asked her with a frown.

" No. Despite it's name, buckwheat comes from the rhubabrb family and not the wheat family. Now.. before I was so rudely interruped. Arr.. gabanzo or chick pea flour, coffee flour, cornflour , cornmeal flour, hemp flour, lupin flour, maize flour, millet flour, potato flour, potato starch flour, Sorghum flour, soya flour, tapioca flour, teff flour... " She paused for a moment to scroll down a list she was obviously looking at before speaking again.

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