Coeliac Challenges Part 15

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24th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Jack was home before Reid came back and I was a bit nervous about telling him some of the things that have happened since he left to go on his holiday.

He looked so tanned and happy when he came knocking on the door before barging in.

I was so excited when i saw him that I jumped straight up and threw myself into his arms and squashed him in one of my hugs.

I missed my best friend.

" Woohoo." I heard from behind me reminding me that both Jen and Barb were here with me.

" You look so changed and I do think that you have gained another couple of inches in height and are as tall as your father. If you get any more taller, I won't be able to reach up and hug you." I said to him with a smile, happy to see him again.

" Well, boyoh. It's good to see you back." Mrs Beemer said to us from behind as she came in through the door after him.

" It's good to be back. First thing I did was drop my bags just inside the door when I got home and rush straight over here to see my bestie." He was saying as he still held me within his arms and smiled a cheesy grin at everyone.

" Dork." I called him as I still smiled up at him with my hands around his waist.

Then I noticed him frowning about something before his eyes dropped down to my waist which was squished against him and then his eyes widened.

" What the.." He began to ask in what sounded like a horrified tone of voice.

" I have Coeliac's Disease and have to change all the food in the house. I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago." I quickly slipped in before he said anything.

I was wearing loose clothing and neither Jen or Barb's has noticed that I have a bit of a podge with a rounded belly now. The only way you would notice was if I was wearing tight clothes or if you actually knew me like Jack does and picked up on it straight away.

Hoping that what I just told him would distract him from the very obvious baby bump he was feeling didn't work when I felt the baby slightly roll around. Something I have been feeling on and off for a few days now.

But the look in Jack's widening eyes told me that he felt it too.

I quickly looked up at him and pleaded with him with my eyes hoping that he understood what I was trying not to say with the other company that was still in the room.

I guess he understood with what he then said.

" You and I need to have a talk later on. And we will." He said with eyes that looked down on me that meant he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

I just slightly nodded my head at him letting him know that I heard him and understood.

" Now tell me of this disease?" He asked me as he lightly let me go and gently pushed me over to the seat I was on as he came in through the door.

" She can't have wheat, rye, barley or oats since they have the protein called gluten in them which abnormally affects the immune system and cause damage to the bowel and intestines among other things." Jen was saying as her and Barb were reading up on more information.

" That also means that normal flours and breads are permanently off the menu along with normal milks as well since most Coeliac sufferers are also lactose intolerant. So we have thrown everything out of the house and replaced it with lots of other things." Barb was saying which had Mrs Beemer snort at her.

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