1 The girl

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One day little Sarah wanted to play outside. "Mommy, can I go play outside?" She asked. "Yes dear but don't stay out too long." She said. Sarah went outside. She went to her swing. She swung slowly, humming a tune. She stopped swinging when she heard the same humming. "Hello?" She asked. She got up from the swing. The humming started again. She went towards the sound. It sounded as if it was coming from the forest. She walked slowly. She hummed along. "Want to come play with me?" A small voice asked. She looked in every direction. "Where are you?" She asked. "Look behind you." She said. She turned around to see a little girl with black hair and blood all over her. She was holding a baby doll. Sarah screamed and ran. "Come back!" The little girl said. She heard the footsteps of the little girl chasing her. "Leave me alone!" She cried. "Please play with me." The girl begged. She caught up to her. She grabbed Sarah. "Now you will feel how it's like to be dead!" She yelled. She threw Sarah in the lake. Sarah's little arms couldn't hold her up. She drowned and no one ever saw her again. Her body was never found.

Sorry if it's bad. It's my first time writing scary stories. Hope you like them!

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