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It was eleven o'clock and the pack wanted to talk about certain strategies they could use against the Wendigos but they couldn't because two of their pack members were still asleep.

Peter stirred his coffee. "What's taking them so long to wake up? the most Derek has ever overslept was until ten, excluding when he was ill of course." He grumbled, picking bacon off of Isaacs plate until he swatted his hand away.

Erica put her plate in the dishwasher. "I wont wake up Derek, but I certainly wouldn't mind waking up Mom." She said, sharing a mischievous smile, leading Allison and Lydia to the boy's room.

They listened first, it was silent but Erica had caught two heartbeats. "What is it?" Allison whispered.

Erica pointed at her chest and then held up two fingers, Both Lydia and Allison looking at each other with raised eyebrows.

They opened the door quietly, to not wake the apparent two people in the room and that's when they saw it.

Derek held Stiles in a tight embrace, his arms around his small waist and his nose in his hair, nuzzling it softly in his sleep. Stiles face was buried in Derek's chest, his arms in-between them. Both of their bodies were pressed together, their legs entwining and Derek looking like he was clutching Stiles for dear life.

The girls gaped at each other and quickly brought out their phones to snap many pictures. All three set the pictures of the two cuddling as their lock screen, giggling and showing it to each other.

Erica snapped her fingers. "Lets show the pack!" She quietly squealed, grabbing Lydia and Allison's wrists and skipping into the kitchen, their giddy behaviour earning the pack's full attention.

Jackson rolled his eyes. "Oh god. What did you do this time?" He asked, finishing his bacon sandwich.

Lydia grinned. "Everyone go to Stiles' room! Be really quiet because they're still asleep!" She giggled, running back to said room with Erica and Allison.

Scotts eyebrow quirked up. "they're?" He wondered, getting up and following the others down the corridor, the pack taking interest and making their way down themselves.

The pack uttered collective gasps as they saw the two wrapped in an embrace, looking cuter since Erica last saw them.

Derek wined in his sleep and snuggled deeper, shifting his arms a bit. He actually whined.

"what in the hell..." Peter muttered, pulling out his phone and taking a picture. Then grinning as he changed angles.

Isaac got over from the shock and actually smiled. "what are you doing peter?" He asked as peter took too many pictures.

Peter winked at Lara. "I embarrassed Cora, so it's only fair, right?" He laughed, surveying the two as Isaac, Scott and Jackson began to snap pictures as well, Jackson barely fighting the urge to laugh hard. Lydia slapped the back of his head, still smiling though.

Stiles woke up in complete and utter bliss. He had the strong arms of his newly found boyfriend around him and he couldn't ask for anything more perfect than the situation that he was in right now.

He silently begged Derek not to wake up anytime soon as he was enjoying the way the man's body was pressed against his, Derek's arms wrapped around him protectively and possessively in all the right ways.

Derek shifted a little, waking up slowly and nuzzling into Stiles' neck. "Hey." He mumbled in his low, husky and incredibly sexy sleep voice.

Stiles gave the side of his mouth a wet kiss. "Hey there, wolfie. Its like half eleven." Derek groaned and tightened his arms around Stiles, refusing to let go. That was okay though, neither of them were morning people.

Stiles chuckled. "Derek I gotta go get dressed." He said as Derek peppered his neck with kisses. "mmno!" He whined. Derek Hale actually whined, the adorable bastard.

Stiles sighed. "C'mon Der I'm hungry and I gotta cook lunch today. We can do this after, I swear." He said affectionately, rubbing the side of Derek's neck and leaving the bed, accidentally putting on Derek's dark-red, long sleeved shirt, the one with the thumbholes that stiles always teased him about that probably got mixed up in the washing.

Derek grinned, hair messy from sleep. "That's my shirt." He said, getting out of the bed and stopping Stiles from removing it, entwining his hands. "Its okay." He leaned in, whispering in Stiles' ear. "you look really cute in it."

Stiles blushed, his hands in his pockets. Derek grinned and kissed him slowly on the mouth. "you look even cuter when you blush." He said, making Stiles blush harder.

Stiles stepped away and headed to the door, fully dressed. "I'd love to stay but we both know that I'll might do something if i do." He winked and left his room, heading to the kitchen and eating the breakfast leftovers.

Stiles didn't see Scott nudging Jackson before he spoke. "You slept in late." He commented as Stiles attacked the bacon.

Stiles smiled to himself, thinking of Derek. "I didn't sleep that well." He explained, forgetting that the werewolves could definitely hear when he lied.

"Is that Derek's shirt?" Allison asked, nudging Lydia and getting the attention of Isaac, Peter and Jackson, who smirked and sniggered. Lara raised her eyebrows, muttering something about how Cora should see this. Stiles didn't seem to notice as he washed his plate. "Yeah. I think it got mixed up in the washing or something." He answered, still daydreaming about Derek.

All was quiet as Stiles began to make lunch, ordering Boyd around with cutting the meat because he was stronger. Derek walked in, a little smile on his face and fresh from the shower. He was wearing a dark green shirt, identical to what Stiles was wearing but the only difference was the colour.

Peter folded his arms. "You woke up late Derek." He said, nudging Boyd who just smiled in amusement and shook his head.

Derek smiled at Stiles, wanting badly to kiss him. "Yeah, I went to bed late. Where's Cora?" He asked, smoothly changing the subject.

Lydia spoke up. "She went for a run. She missed breakfast."

Derek looked at Lydia's phone in the corner of his eye, it was on because of some notification but that wasn't what caught his eye. The lock screen was a photo... Of him! He squinted a little, of him and stiles! Derek grinned at Lydia, who gave him a questioning look but then followed his eyes to her phone. She nodded and winked.

He understood now, all the nudges and the strange looks. They all knew!

Well, Derek thought, a cocky smile on his face. Might as well give them a good show.

He walked towards Stiles, making him put down the knife that he was cutting vegetables with and wrapped his arms around his waist. Stiles blushed as Derek leaned in, kissing him softly on the mouth, earning claps and wolf whistles from the pack.

Cora had just walked in with a water bottle in her hand, sweaty from her morning run. As soon as she saw this, she dropped it, wide-eyed and staring.

Lara chuckled and wrapped an arm around her girlfriend, kissing her nose and watching the two slowly break apart from their kiss. "Sterek has finally risen!" She exclaimed, making Cora laugh and bring out her phone, taking pictures like the rest of the pack. "My new lock screen!"










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