The Kitten Has Claws [Chapter 35]

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Chapter Thirty-Five

Noelle took a step back in fear. Hadrian, the demon that had possessed Sage, was in front of her. It didn't make any sense; how was he here in her head? Did Ayumu have more power than she thought? "How...why," she stuttered nervously, "I don't understand. How are you here?"

Ayumu shifted on the couch, lounging into a more comfortable position. He had another glass of demon's brew in his hand, which he swirled around lazily. "I brought him with me," he shrugged, as if it was no big deal to bring friends along for a ride in Noelle's mind.

"You brought him along? You can do that?"

He gave her a sarcastic look, letting her know that her questions were irritating him. He was on a tight schedule her, but he enjoyed taunting her nonetheless. "What can I do for you, luv? We don't have much time, but I'm willing to entertain a few questions."

"I want to know why Hadrian is here," she demanded.

"Really now?" he mocked, "You wanted to speak with me about that? Curious, I didn't know you could predict the future."

She shot him a dirty glare, "Screw you, you know what I mean." She seethed when Ayumu merely looked at her innocently. Suddenly it dawned on her, "You brought him along to flaunt your powers didn't you? Such a male," she growled, "let's just all slap our dicks on the table and measure whose is the longest!" He chuckled lightly, but made no effort to argue with her. Figures. He just wanted to rub it in her face, and in Raine's. He was more powerful than they knew, and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Why don't you ask me what you really want to, luv?" he suggested nonchalantly.

Noelle sat in the armchair and stared unwaveringly at him. "What can you tell me about Theo and Delilah as mates...or not?"

Ayumu chuckled affectionately, "That bastard." When he noticed Noelle's offended look he laughed, "I was referring to Jedidiah, not precious Theo."

"Don't mock him," she growled. How dare he? Theo was dead, and Ayumu was laughing about it. "You killed him," she accused, "Why? What is wrong with you?"

She could have sworn there was a flicker of guilt on his face before he sneered. "Theo was weak and presented no challenge. I killed him as a warning to all of you. We demons are powerful and we will get what we deserve."

"Eternal damnation?" she retorted snarkily.

"Already have that, sweetie," Hadrian grinned.

Noelle jumped, she had forgotten about him. She gave a frustrated growl and glared at Ayumu, "Tell me."

He raised an eyebrow mockingly, "Tell you what?"

Resisting the urge to scream in frustration, she clenched her jaw and ground out, "Everything."

Sighing, Ayumu refilled his glass, offering some to Noelle in the process. When she refused, he shrugged giving her a 'suit yourself' look and settled on the couch. "I suppose I should start from the beginning. He rested his right ankle on his left knee and took a quick sip of his drink.

"Four years ago, our king, King Roan, sent out three of his best demons to track down the Vessel," he inclined his head slightly to acknowledge her and continued. "They were unsuccessful, even after four years of searching, which angered Roan. He had them killed and devised a new plan to find and capture the Vessel. This time he sent out demons to infiltrate every race that would be looking for you, the Vessel. Hadrian was assigned the pixies and I was assigned the werepanthers. We didn't know that they had no idea about the Vessel or its uses, but it worked out for us in the end.

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