Chapter 11

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Suman's POV

What exactly am I supposed to understand from this? What is he apologising for?

I stared at his sleeping form. What has he been upto that he just crashed like that?

Well I won't know till he wakes up, I sighed.

I moved away from beside my bed towards the open window. Luckily only me and Preeti were home right now. Mama Mami and Dabbu were away visiting relatives. Nanu and other family members were out of station and would be returning only tomorrow.

But that cannot be an excuse for what this crazy guy just did! I mean this situation is just lucky for me but what about neighbours? I really hope no one has seen him climb my window!

I turned to look at him as he lay still on my bed sidewas, legs hanging out. I tried to swallow the lump that clogged my throat. I think he read my letters today. I did realise in the car today morning he never got them.

Why? What was going on? That means he never got my gifts too? The gifts I sent him for his birthdays, for eight years.

Eight, because that year he had gone just the week after his birthday.

7th October.

Every year I waited to get something, anything- from him on that day.

Our birthday. After all we share the same birthday. There is no way he could ever forget that.

Then why- Oh God! Too many questions with no answers! And the one with answers is sleeping peacefully.

I huffed and walked upto my bed. How long will he sleep? Others will be back soon. Preeti may barge in any moment. I rushed as I remembered and closed my room door and locked it.

This is not done Shravan. You cannot just drink and solve your problems. It only increases problems! I glared at him. " Shravan."

No response.


I poked his chest with my finger. "Shravan."







Poke. Poke.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

I lifted my hand to his shoulder and jerked him- er his shirt. The madman is heavy!

"Shravan!!" tap on cheek.

" Shravan, get up." Tap tap

"Shravan! Enough!" Slap slap slap slap.

Ugghh My palms are stinging. But the man has not even flinched!

How do I wake him? Sumo, think of something!

Yes! It always works in television shows. I lifted the glass of water from my bedside and sprinkled few drops on his face.


Few more drops.

Why are things so overrated on screen?

I took a soft cloth and tickled his nose. It twitched immediately.

Yes! Sumo you go Girl! Enthusiastically I pushed the cloth a bit further and saw his face scrunch up and "Whoosh –chhoo"

"What a sneeze" I said sarcastically as I watch his body lift up. "What the hell do you-"

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