6• Chocolate Cake

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I'm alive or am I? I got some inspiration from an audio I heard so be prepared for another crappy chapter, lovable readers. I've missed this story, and you guys are the best <3 Audio is "Boombayah" sung by BLACKPINK. Enjoy!



"You really shouldn't take the cake with you Nico, much less eat it while walking!"

Nico continued moving, speeding up. A faint clank of the front door closing was heard. The clouds were partially covering the sun and the air smelled moist like rain. Thumps from Nico's and the wizard's steps arose and faintly mingled with the sound of cars and wind.

"Hey! Death boy wait up!"

Will called frantically from behind the son of Hades, lugging a trunk with their school supplies–textbooks and cauldrons. He could hear the blonde lightly panting behind him, and Nico almost felt sympathy. Almost.

Everyone was making their way to the train station on foot. From what Nico had heard (definitely not eavesdropping mind you), Mr. Weasley had damaged or lost all the cars lent to him last time and that the Minister Fudge wouldn't let him borrow a single pen. Therefore, the whole Order had to walk to the station.

Not that I mind, Nico thought, languidly licking a chocolate covered plastic spoon. The weather is nice, and calm.

A gust of wind suddenly slammed into Nico, almost pushing him off his feet.

Well, relatively calm...

"di'Angelo do not ignore me!" Will called from behind.

Nico scoffed and rolled his eyes, swallowing the chocolate cake heaven. (Mrs. Weasley was a divine goddess at baking). This was punishment for the heartbreak Nico had to endure yesterday.

Yesterday... Nico sighed as the light breeze ruffled his hair.

The twins had given them all-knowing and painfully obvious stares during dessert. They made smooching faces and obnoxious, sloppy kissing noises, holding up their joined hands.

The other wizards were extremely confused and disturbed (especially Sirius; once he locked eyes on the twins, he froze and proceeded to anxiously dash out of the room in dog form). And one by one they sat at the dinning table, grimacing at the twin's actions.

Nico had been fine, embarrassed but fine. He had been far too engrossed in getting a slice of cake to care.

That was until the twins came between him and his sole objective; the warm, gooey milk chocolate lava cake.

Nico ran a hand through his hair anxiously, waiting behind the twins (who would not move out of the way) to get a piece of the deliciousness.

They turned towards him, gracefully spinning on the balls of their feet. Mischievous brightness adored their faces and Nico took a small tentative step back.

George started talking. "Nico~! How come you didn't decide to share your forbidden, Romeo and Juliet style," Fred smirked, and coughed, murmuring 'Romeo and Romeo', as George continued. "Love story with us?" George pouted, and his arms were crossed.

They looked like the mad hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

Nico gulped, eyes darting away from their mocking faces.

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