Chapter 10

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Sky's Pov

As were were walking I got a call. It was from Notch so Cyber used her eye thing to eject a the video. "Hey Adam. How are you doing?" He asked.

"Good. What about you?" I asked.

"I'm good besides your friends bugging the heck out of me." Notch replied. "I have some info about-"

At that moment someone tackled him off the screen. True popped up. "Hey Sky." He seemed excited.

"It's been too long." I laughed.

"TRUE GET OVER HERE!" It sounded like Timber.

"Is that Timber?" I asked. "She sounds the same as ever."

"Yeah. Notch invited us all over." True said while turning the camera. He was right. All my friends were there. Including Alesa and Mason. Mason was older than when he died. He was around 5 it seemed. "Guys it's Sky."

"Deadlox can you give them the info?" Notch asked.

Deadlox looked like Ty besides having armor on. He just shook his head no.

"I got ya covered Notch." Timber said while walking over. "Notch did some organizing and we found out that Crystal has a little werewolf friend. Her name is Echo and she visits Crystal often. If one of you can manage to find her then you guys have a pretty straight shot."

"Thanks." I replied.

"Also Adam." Timber started.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Don't be getting too attached to any of your teammates. You know what happened last time." She said. 

"What happened last time?" Seto asked.

It all went silent. Herobrine teleported beside me. "I'll take care of this Adam."

Cyber's Pov

"Long ago there were two kings. Notch and Herobrine, the brothers born gods. Notch was the adored one with many friends along with other things that no mortal had. The other brother was jealous of Notch. He was greedy for power and quickly plunged into darkness without concern for his few friends or family. He started a war. Sky, one of Notch's most trusted, decided he was going to be the one to take down the dark brother. He gathered his most trusted allies and greatest warriors but before they could race into battle the dark brother burned his kingdom to the ground. Driven by rage Sky managed to take down the dark brother. Notch interfered and told Sky that if the dark brother was defeated then the world would become unbalanced. At that moment Sky made a vow that he will be the world's protecter, that he will be the one to make sure the world stays balanced. With that Notch used his brother's powers to make him immortal so that he could live out his vow. With all his friends dead from the dark brother's subjects Notch froze him in stone until darkness would reach up to take over." Herobrine told. "It's been 300 years since then and a lot has changed."

"So you were a total idiot and tried to take down your own son?" Mitch asked. "And I thought I had family problems."

"You have to understand that it was rough back then." Bajan said. "If I remember correctly Sky considered you more of a enemy than a father figure."

Everyone shot glances at Herobrine and Sky. Sky just sat there in silence.

"We must be going." Notch said. The call ended and everyone sat in silence.'

"We better keep going." I said. Since we had more of a lead then this should be a little easier


As we kept going we heard someone walking. It wasn't us though. I held my hand out and everyone froze. The footsteps were coming this way. We all hid in trees and bushes. Me and Sky simply turned invisible.

A girl with long red hair wearing a combat outfit walked by. She was talking of her phone but stopped at a tree. "Yeah. You know I can't do that in public right? Full moon or not I'm not going to do it. Wait, you will? Deal. I'll meet you there soon." She put away her phone and Jerome tackled her.

"Did you have to tackle her?" Sky asked while turning visible.

"Do you really want to complain?" Jerome asked.

"Get off of me!" The girl yelled.

"Jerome get off." SB dropping down from a tree. Jerome got off of the girl.

"Sorry about that miss." Sky apologized.

"I-it's fine." She said standing up and brushing herself off.

"We need some assistance. Do you know where Emerald City is?" Sky asked.

"Yeah. I just came from it." She replied. "I could show you there if you need me to."

"Thank you miss?" Sky said.

"It's Echo."


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