Chapter 5 - Disaster Strikes

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I frowned, wrinkling my eyebrows. "Maybe if you actually read a book you'd like it." Even I was shocked as the words came from my mouth, falling like bricks in silence. I never stood up to Grayson, because he could be especially cruel, but suddenly, I didn't care. I was more concerned with saving my friendship with Wes, which was becoming more and more endangered by the second.

"Meow, little Immy has some fight in her after all," He said, shaking his head. Taunting me, that's what he was doing. He was dangling a mouse in front of a cat, waiting for me to pounce. And actually, at that moment I was tempted to snap his head off. It would've been all to easy with my new, I-can-do-anything mindset.

I crossed my arms, "Are you going to let me go get Wes' phone or not?" Asking seemed a little bit stupid since he was making it perfectly clear he was going to be a douchebag and keep me here for the rest of eternity. Grayson was enjoying watching me squirm, and I was doing a whole lot of it. I was so anxious I could hardly stand still.

How the hell did I mix up the bedrooms? That one, tiny little mistake was costing me big time. If it wasn't for that, I would've been curled up in my bed, happily reading The Mortal Instruments. But no, I had to be an idiot and forget which bedroom belonged to my best friend. Honestly, sometimes I really did think I had a mental disorder.

Grayson rolled on his bed, jumping to his feet and landing inches in front of me. Suddenly, it was hard to breathe. This particular Logan should've never been that close to me, especially not when I was leaning against an open window. I was just waiting for him to push me through it. "I could, but we're having so much fun here." He said.

"No, we're not." I deadpanned, trying to show no emotion on my face. They say animals can smell fear, and as far as I was concerned Grayson Logan was an animal. A skunk, or maybe a rat.

"Sure we are," He smirked, taking a step even closer. That did it, I was having a mental break down. My breathing quickened, and I shut my eyes with a whimper, leaning back as far as I could against the wall. Too close, too close, too close, I chanted in my head, feeling sick. Oh god, I was seconds away from spilling the contents of my stomach.

But where was the gutsy Imogen I had embraced moments before? The one who was willing to be a little bit sassy just to get what she wanted? Okay, maybe it was more out of desperation, but at that point, I would take was I could get. Shoving my arms out in front of me, I screeched, "Get away from me!"

But my hands only pushed away air, and my elbows locked with such a force I gasped in pain. There was no one there, Grayson was gone. My eyes flew open just in time to see Grayson at the door. He winked at me before slamming the door shut and running down the hall with booming footsteps.

It took me a second to process what had just happened. One minute he was terrifyingly close to me, and the next he was running away. That was definitely not like Grayson, he didn't back down or give in. He should've been there enjoying every second of my torture.


Wesley's phone!

"Grayson!" I exclaimed, taking off at a run. Even though I was a fast runner, I was no match for Wes' brother. I knew that, but that didn't stop me from sprinting down the hall and stumbling through Wesley's open bedroom door. Wobbling on my feet, I took in the scene before me.

First of all, Wes was sprawled out on his bed, butt naked. He was laying on his stomach, one arm hanging off of the edge of the mattress and drool dribbling from his open mouth. At least he was face down, otherwise, I would really be seeing a lot more than I wanted to see.

Then there was Grayson, on the other side of the bed with an evil smirk on his face. Wesley's black iPhone was clutched in his hands, already dialing voice mail. I could hear the long, shrill rings vibrating through the air.

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