Chapter 5 - Disaster Strikes

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Chapter 5 - Disaster Strikes

I was trapped. Grayson was blocking my path to the door, plus I wasn't looking forward to dashing through the house and having to explain to Mr. and Mrs. Logan how I got there. Jumping out of the window wasn't an option, although it was becoming more and more tempting by the second.

I couldn't tell him the real reason why I was here, the thought alone made it hard to breathe. My throat started to swell up and I swear I was seeing stars. How did I even get there? Letting go and having fun for one night had led to empty memories and a mistake that just kept on growing.

Grayson lifted his eyebrows, saying, "Well? Are you going to tell me why you're in my room, or do I need to call the cops?" His threat made my heart leap violently, and I sucked in an audible gasp. If Grayson was a normal human being, I would've dismissed his threat. But since he was the Devil's spawn, I knew he would do it.

"Don't," I breathed, wiping a hand over my face, "I..I came to see Wesley." Yeah, that was a good lie. I came to see Wes all the time, and in a way, that wasn't even a lie. It just wasn't as specific as the whole truth.

He chuckled, sitting down on his bed, "Since when do you climb up the ivy to see my brother? You haven't done that since you were eight." From his position on the bed, the way he lounged there without a care in the world, I knew he didn't think I would run. He was totally relaxed, like a lion toying with its prey.

And yet I could do it, I could sprint out of the door and through the house and never have to speak of it again. Even if I did get away, though, Grayson would catch me or torture me for the rest of eternity. I could tell him the truth, or I could continue to lie. Either way I would be subjected to endless torment for the rest of my life, at least if I told Grayson what was really going on Wesley would never find out.

After a moment's more hesitation, I caved, "Fine." With a hard face, I slowly leaned against the windowsill. Here goes nothing, "I have to get Wesley's phone. I think I left a message by accident last night and it needs to be deleted before he hears it."

Amusement was clear on his face, not more than a second later. He was trying not to laugh. "You accidentally left a message? What happened, we're you drunk?" That time, he actually did laugh. Hard. His head flew back, and he let himself lay on his bed as he chuckled long and loud. I was surprised when no one came to check on him.

Was it that absurd that I got drunk? Me, the girl who was always reading a book and going to bed before ten o'clock?

Okay, yes it was.

"Yes, I was drunk, okay? Now can I go and get Wesley's phone? Is he even here?" I asked, exasperated. This was why I never bothered to deal with Grayson. He made a joke out of everything, and more often than not he found his source of amusement at my expense. It was not amusing.

His face fell, "Wait, are you saying that Imogen Hanson actually went out and got smashed? You actually had fun?" Genuine surprise crossed his face, which hit a little close to home. Was I that much of a 'good girl'? Oh Lord, maybe I really was a nerd.

I scoffed, "I have fun all the time. You're just not around to see it because you're an ass." Bold words coming from my mouth, especially considering who they were directed to, but he was getting under my skin, and the itch to delete that voice mail was growing by the second. I was inches away from a heart attack.

Grayson reacted as if I had slapped him. For a brief moment, not even a second, I thought I saw the hurt flash through his eyes. An actual human emotion, something I had previously thought that Grayson Logan incapable of. Then, he smirked, "Babe, those books you read all day don't count as fun."

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