Chapter 7

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*Jungkook Pov*

"No, stop! Let me help her!" I shouted at whoever was taking me away, thrashing and kicking at them furiously.
"We need to get away we will help her tomorrow, I promise." came a deep voice I recognised as V hyung. Then, before I could protest I felt him put me so sleep by hitting the soft spot on my neck.

*Time skip next day*

* Jin Pov*

Last night when Jungkook was asleep we all made a plan to help (Y/N) and we will be putting it into action today.

I hope it will work...

*Time skip*

I am currently walking to (Y/N)'s house to get her necessities together and get her out of there for good.

I have found her bedroom window, I am going to knock on it and she should wake up.

*your Pov*

*knock knock*

What is that noise?
Something is knocking on the window!
I'll have to be alert and stealthy...

*Third person*

She opened her eyes and ran towards the window ready to punch whatever was there, but she stopped when she realised it was Jin.

*Your Pov*

"Jin oppa?" I asked whilst opening the window.
"why are you here?"
"You'll find out" he started "Get your necessities together" he quickly stated.
"less talking more moving" he cut you off.

You silently obeyed and stuffed your pyjamas, toothbrush, facewash and cream, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, underwear, and a change of clothes into another bag and ran to the bathroom to get changed.

You wore a white crop top, black ripped jeans and a red shirt around your waist, topping your outfit off with a black studded snapback.

You picked up your bags and climbed out the window before saying
"so I'm running away right?"
Jin nodded and started leading you somewhere.
" where are we going?" you asked him.
"To your new house" he plainly said.

Hi! I'm back!! Sorry for the short chapter I'm currently planning seven new oneshots!! That and I have alot of homework... DX

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